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Default Adding additional easel paintings (not replacing)
I'm trying to add additional easel paintings for my Sims to create (not just replace defaults), and have a question about the various alphanumeric tags.

(I have already installed Andrew's Craftable Enabler file into my Mods folder.)

I'm not looking to replace the original Maxis easel paintings at this time, I want to add additional ones in new categories....40's Pin Up Girls and Automobiles.

I opened up AOM's Classic easel paintings file in S4S, and located the DTS files. Each one has a unique alphanumeric "Instance", as well a "Key".

I presume my file will need its own unique "Instance" identifier and "Key", how is this done? Where do I get it?

Also, how do I add additional categories, tag them for size, AND "difficulty" (poor, good, masterpiece etc}? I'm looking through the file in S4S to try to figure it out, but want to be sure.

I followed the Tutorial, but didn't see anything mentioned about this. If I recall correctly, the tutorial was for replacing the default paintings, not adding additional ones.

Thanks for your help!
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bump! Need help please!
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These are recipes. Even though these recipe tutorials I am linking do not cover paintings, they will cover the general concept. Srsly's tutorials are the best ones imo, so start with that:

And these should probably help as well:

Explanation of food/recipes:

Here is the snippet tutorial to work with Crafting Enabler:

For the images, you will need to open the Hash Generator to make a new instance, I cover manual hashing in Option 2 of my tutorial:

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