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Default Quick question about complete outfits
Greetings to the community,
a quick question from someone who has not the slightest idea of how to edit, change or mod clothes: is it possible to seperate a complete, single piece outfit into its distinct parts and use them individually as shirt, trousers and shoes?
The outfits from "Medieval" and "Pirates and Nobles" are fantastic and it was rather easy to find them converted for use in The Sims 3, but they just work as complete outfits. Above all the boots are what I'm interested in, especially one pair of pirate boots I searched for desperatly for quite some time. And here they are, but I'm not able to use them without the rest.
So is there any way to break the complete outfit apart and have the boots in the Shoes section of the game? I already found two different pairs from "Medieval" on a fanpage, so there should be the possibility. And I guess it would be rather easy compared with other clothes, considering that all the trousers are tucked into the boots without covering any textures, so the complete model would already be available.
Anyone able to help?
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Yes, it is possible to separate outfits. However, you will have to adjust the UV maps of your new CAS parts, as EA designates specific areas of the textures to each body/CAS part. If UV maps overlap areas they shouldn't, you get textures bleeding onto skin, for example, or shoe textures overlapping sleeves.

In some cases, you also have to add bits of arms and legs if, for example, you want to remove arm warmers from an outfit/bottom and the arm warmers aren't painted on but meshed.

With shoes, you would have to consider how they will morph when a sim wears pants (if they're tight on the leg, they will require either leggings or very loose pants). Not all pants can be tucked into boots — most of them are actually too loose or flared to be worn with boots unless the boots are short or loose.

So, uhh, to answer your question: it's more complicated than, say, converting an outfit to another age, and does require more meshing knowledge. If all I said above sounds alien to you, then you may want to spend some time with easier projects to familiarize yourself with meshing, before attempting a project with this degree of complexity.

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