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Default Modding the pizza interaction
I'm currently defaulting the pizza delivery NPC (clothes, car, pizza box + pizza) and when I extracted the pizza texture, I came across another pizza texture named "foodpizzaslice-combo" which I've never seen before:

the texture "foodpizzaslice-pepperoni" (seen below) is the texture used by the game's pizza.

I made a post in the stupid/random questions thread asking if anyone knew when the combo texture is used, and trambling101 said this:
Originally Posted by trambling101
@vegan_kaktus I don't mean to start a conspiracy but is it possible that what you're showing is an unused texture? Like maybe the Pizza delivery was meant to offer some pizza options sims could order and that idea was later scrapped. I'd imagine a menu would popup showing different options and their respective prices and motive boosts.

Which I think is what EA actually intended to do. I opened up the pizza slice object (guid: 0xAD57FB7B) in object workshop and in there, I saw this BHAV:

I would love to re-create/enable this option to choose between the two kinds of pizzas (if it would be possible to make more pizza toppings options, that would be even more amazing!). I imagine something like this:

After clicking yes to "Would you like to order a pizza? It will cost you 40 $.", another window pops up asking something like "Do you want to order pepperoni or combo?" and instead of "yes/no", you now have the option to click "pepperoni" or "combo". Or if it's possible, to get a bigger dialogue/window (like the one when you call "services" perhaps?) where you can choose between many different toppings!

I'm in no way a modder (I have poked at some BHAVs here and there), but would this be possible? I feel like most of the resources are there, they just need to be enabled or edited a bit (please correct me if I'm wrong).

Many thanks in advance for any tips/help!

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My new Pizza Random Topping Mod fixes this Maxis mistake. However, it simply randomizes the pizza topping which is what Maxis attempted to do. It doesn't add any new gameplay.
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@simler90 yikes! Thank you so much! :-D

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Yay I helped somehow! Thanks Simler!

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