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Default Need help with an accessory creating, my polygons "fly away"
Ok. Well, I attach the picture. As you can see, from my point of view, some parts of the necklace just flew away? I don't know.
It's my first necklace, and only second accessory, so I'm not really experienced in this matter.
Don't pay attantion to textures, I didn't waste time to change them, just wanted to check if the shape looks good in game.
What I did:
1. Made a mesh (I use 3ds Max)
2. Exported to Milkshape according to all tutorials (won't describe the process, it worked well with earrings)
3. Exported as .wso
4. Assigned bones in Meshtool
5. Uploaded to TSRW
6. It had some transparant parts
7. I checked if it looks the same in game, it was transparent + those flying things
8. Went beck to Milkshape and in Face menu clicked Face to Front
9. This time everything looked just fine in Workshop as it should have been, same in game, no trancperancy, but it still has the flying things

I've tried repeating those steps with minor differences, but nothing changes and I can't figure out, how to get rid of this glitch.
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