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Default The Ultra Hard 100 Baby Challenge
Sims 3 Ultra Hard 100 Baby Challenge

*Any rules not mentioned are then in the realm of the original 100 baby challenge rules

- At the beginning, your matriarch has no money, just their lot, and cannot start a garden on the lot until they've "paid off" the price of the lot. They must pay for taxi's, so therefore must run to places otherwise.

- Must buy a lot 25x25 or smaller at the beginning, and must move to accommodate future children when needed.

- Your Matriarch CANNOT have family-orientated as a trait, not even added later in the game. Your Matriarch must also have at least 1 disadvantageous trait; light sleeper, insane, brooding, evil, mean-spirited, unflirty, no sense of humor, socially awkward, or dislikes children can all work here. These rules apply to ALL Matriarchs, not just the founder.

- Even if you have a mod, your Matriarch MUST enter a romantic interest relationship with their male donors before conceiving.

- You are not allowed to go to a lot without meeting a man on it at some point. You can only head there IF you think you're going to meet a male that is already there or that you've invited out. If he's not there and you don't meet him, you have to hang around on the lot until a male does appear.

- You cannot call a babysitter, and you can only leave a teenager with the babies while the adults go off-lot IF they are actively teaching the children their skills.

- You cannot buy inheritance or use genies for money, and you also cannot buy fertility treatment until you have double the reward points. You also cannot use other fertility means in conjunction with the fertility treatment - no procreation elixirs, kids music, kids TV, or pregnancy books. You do not have to buy the fertility treatment reward.

- You cannot sell from your inventory: Must sell garden items at the grocery store and collectibles at the consignment shop and flowers at a buyer's house for 50% price. Paintings can be "sold" at the art museum or other selling area, but you must roll a d20 to see if you get "ripped off" or more money than it was originally worth (less than 5 = 75% less the original price. 5-10 = 50% less the original price. 11-15 = the original price. 16-20 = 50% more the original price.)

- Expensive gems like Tiberium can only be sold one at a time, only the cheapest of the group of them, and can only be brought to the consignment shop once a week.

- Cannot use Walker, Baby swing, or Playpen.

- Your Matriarch MUST keep good relations with her children. If she loses her friend status with them, you must rebuild it within 24 hours of losing it. If you fail this, that child does not count towards the 100.

- Each child must be reared in accordance to at least 1 of their traits before they hit teenagedom. For example, a child has the athletic trait. They can exercise as a child and enter athletic afterschool activities like scouts or ballet. If a child does not have a trait that can be treated with skills, then their wishes and how they treat other people / how they are treated by the family must be their form of this.

- EACH child must learn all 3 toddler skills PLUS master two of the skill toys before aging up. Children must get the "honor roll" moodlet and have a level 3 skill in something unrelated to the toys they mastered. Teens must get the "honor roll" moodlet and have a level 4 in a skill unrelated to the toys and the previous level 3 skill (or a level 7 in that skill / level 7 in the toys skill). Young Adults must get pregnant (you can choose whether you keep these babies as part of the challenge, and choose if they count towards the 100, or move them out while they're pregnant/move the babies out with their mothers) or get someone pregnant before leaving the home (can also do as a teen). If any of the children fail these requirements, they do not count to the final number, BUT still must complete any of the other future requirements as if they did count.

- You can only keep 1 of your young adult children to help you rear children. All other YA sims must be moved out ASAP after aging up, and if you want to change your YA helper, they must first move out before the new one is appointed.
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