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Default Servival: Nature’s Temple: Homeless For A Year Seasons Pack!
Free of Adults, spinning in the fall leaves, dancing in the rain, living off the sea and all of her delights, the forests, bound by no one, sleeping on 2/4 of a sidewalk under the Universe.

Everything is new and exciting; Nature taking care of the Balance; and she is on your side. Freezing rain, snow, wind, summers hot glare, the seas cool depths, the vast unbroken forests! Teen - Young Adult, 
You make a Temple for her; and then; a BioDome! 

No: Sleeping Bag,

No: Tent,

No: School,

No: House,

No: Appliances,

No: Pets,

No: Pregnancy,

No: Boyfriend or Girlfriend,

Once you complete one full year on the streets, 

( Seasons Marking One Year )

You can create and go the School. 
The BioDome is full of dense moss, safe from weather; Out of Gratitude for Her, you build the Biodome as a Temple - for the Gods and Goddesses Of All in the Balance of Nature. Flora, Goddess of Flowers, Poseidon, God the of Sea. Ect.
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