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Default Sims 4 Gardening Challenge
you can always move it in an another topic if this is the wrong one, but i just recently made a new challenge which i don't think it existed before
but the tittle explains it all but i might need your help since i'm still not finished, i made the rules with the do's and the don't's,
it looks a bit like Homeless Challenge if you ask me haha (it's completely made by me with a little help from others
since i already shared it on facebook that is sims related group )

here's the link: and as you might obviously know,
my first language isn't english but Dutch so tell me if my grammar or sentences are wrong, the rules are a bit too long so feel free to read them all

-you have to live in an empty lot

-You starts with 0 euros / simoleons

-Has the loves outdoors traits

-Loves gardening

-Work/Job that has to do with gardening by 1,000 euros / simoleons

-Has a freelance botanist aspiration

-Earn money by gardening

-Building the skills up

-Not allowed to visit strangers

-Toilet, hygiene, etc. is allowed in public areas

-Must sleep in a tent

-You need to Naturally take care for the plants

-Money trees are not allowed

-No sprinklers

-Reach the highest amount in all plants

-Having children are allowed

-Marriage or engagement is not allowed

-Seed any plant

-you have to complete the botanist aspiration goal

-you're not allowed to move out

-You may not place objects on your lot, only the items that
are found outside of your lot like seeds

end goal: collecting each plants by study it to investigate them
(to be seen in a notebook)

have fun with the Challenge!!!

edit: speaking of Dutch, i recently made a Dutch version of it since Dutch people has asked me for this but you can ignore that page :D
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i edited this challenge, with rules this time and it's completely finished so you can share this on each sites you can think of
(shared it in a few sims groups on facebook) sharing is caring, i want it to get recognized, the more the better

i know it looks a bit like homeless haha :P
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