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Default I just don't get it - Adding a Category to the Spellbook
Hello everyone.

Usual intro of not programming, learning as I go, etc. I have been scouring trying to figure out how to (properly) add a category to the spellbook. Doing so via XML is easy and shows results, but they don't work right.


(Note: I have not been able to get the watermark image right, but settled on the generic one for non-Maxis spells.)

Alchemy works right, but if I click on the new tab it goes to the end of the spellbook. Each other tab goes to the category behind it. So 2nd tab goes to Selvadoradan Magic (which is behind Practical Magic). 3rd tab goes to Mischief. The spellbook works correctly if you go page by page. Tabs are the problem.

So in ui.book_tuning, there is the categories but they an enum class.

I've read that enum classes are immutable. But people have gotten around it. Yet when I try, it doesn't work. I've tried extending it, replacing it, and has even gone so far as to copy everything and try to redirect the command to generate the spellbook to the new spellbook. It doesn't work. I was able to have the "Open Spellbook" command work to the non-default spellbook once, but tinkered around and lost it.

Is there no way to add a category to BookCategoryDisplayType? Or is there some other way I could look into getting around this issue?

EDIT: Okay, I think the spellbook itself may be working right but the issue is the UI Open Spellbook (tried something and got promise with the pie menu going to the right place). I see a super_affordance which would do the pie menu, but I can't find where the UI Open Spellbook is. Off chance - does anyone know where to change that direction?
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