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Default Help wanted with custom food mod, adding meshes and textures etc
I'm trying to make a custom food - baking bread. I can't believe there isn't one already - I don't want one that you just take a finished loaf out of the fridge, or take an unbaked loaf out and bake it. I want to add prep to the loaf (kneading) before baking.
I am using the Toaster Pastries food, and have managed to add in some prep animations from Turkey, so it (kind of) looks like kneading. So far I have achieved:
Take dough out of fridge (OK);
Knead dough (but the wrong mesh appears - a piece of toaster pastry is kneaded even though I replaced that mesh with the dough mesh);
Place in baking tray and in oven (but the wrong mesh appears -the whole loaf is in there, wrong texture);
Take baked loaf out of oven (OK);
Serve (wrong mesh again, toaster pastry is there even though I replaced the mesh with a slice of bread).

Can I make the correct meshes show up, will I need to add more meshes to the GMDC list (or somewhere else) and how can I get the script to point to them at the right times?
Also I want to remove the ability to make one serve, only have group meal.
Also want to remove the serving platter if possible.

I am beginning to see why this hasn't been attempted... but can anyone help?
I will attach the file if anyone wants to see it.

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