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Default The Empty Mansion Challenge
A young person’s life had taken a turn for the worst and they were desperate to start anew. They posted on social media about their troubles, hoping for advice. They got a message from someone who claimed to be a long lost relative of theirs. It seemed shifty, but being desperate, they decided to meet up with them. The relative handed them a key and an address, telling the young person that they’ve now inherited one of the family's properties. When they got to the property, they discovered that they now own a large, albeit, empty mansion that they can do what they please with.
Goal of the Challenge
Make money to fill the mansion with furniture while pursuing secondary goals. You can use any expansion packs.
  • Household must consist of one sim
  • The sim must be a teen or a young adult
  • The sim can be any gender, have any traits, likes and dislikes, life aspiration and style
  • You can play with occults if you wish
Build Mode
  • You can use money cheats while building or moving into the mansion
  • The mansion should have exterior and interior walls, but no furniture
  • You should have room for 1 kitchen, 1 dining room, 1 living room, 1 study, 2 bathrooms and 4 bedrooms. You can have extra rooms if you desire
  • The exterior walls and floors can be decorated, but the interior must be bare
  • You must place windows and doors or stairs for a multilevel mansion
  • Lot traits are allowed, however, to keep things balanced, if you choose a beneficial lot trait you must also pick a challenge
  • Once the mansion has been built or the sim is moved in, set the household funds to 0 using cheats
  • Once the challenge starts, you cannot remove or add walls. You may add fences, half walls and pillars. You may remove or add walls if you are trying to fix a bug.
  • You cannot have a career
  • If your sim is a teen, then they must go to school
  • You cannot use clubs to make money, however, you can use them to socialise and build skills
  • You can have a home business, but anything that requires owning a second lot is not allowed
  • If the sim is a young adult, then they can go to university for the extra challenge. They cannot move into dorms
  • You can ask other sims to move in with you and have pets and children but you need to be able to provide for them. You must have 1 kitchen and 1 bathroom fully furnished before adding any household members. Sims who are not romanced must have their own bedroom and pets must have 1 food bowl, 1 bed and 1 toy. Any sims added to the household must follow the same rules as your main sim.
  • Once a sim is added to the household, you can change their appearance. You cannot however change their traits or likes and dislikes and you can only change their aspiration if they complete it. If a sim ages up from an infant to a toddler, a toddler to a child, a child to a teen or a teen to an adult, then you can choose their next trait, an aspiration and change their likes and dislikes.
Secondary Goals
  • The goal cannot be money based
  • You can have multiple secondary goals within one playthrough
  • Don't be afraid to get creative with your goals. I've listed some that I have thought of to give you some inspiration
Secondary Goal Ideas
  • Successfully raising a child (or two, or three)
  • Getting married
  • Becoming famous
  • Have x number of friends/romances/enemies
  • Max out a skill
This is a challenge that I've come up with on my own, any similarities to other challenges are accidental. You can share this challenge as long as you provide its link and feel free to edit or add rules. But most importantly, have fun.
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I think the dumpster from eco is quite broken and make rags to riches kind of challenge too easy in general (which I experience). Maybe you want to forbid its use or the player needs to only get things from there if they have eco, but they need to replace the items using simoleons.
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I love this! It would be interesting if the lot is full of the challenges/curses and part of sprucing it up is getting rid of the challenges. Like maybe the lot is overrun by wild foxes when you move in, but before you can get rid of the foxes, you have to clear the mess in the yard
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