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Default Ancient Africa; Yoruba Orishas, Majick, And VooDoo! (Part Two)
Out of Africa! 

Wealthy Afrikans; A Large Condo! 

Her eyes are painted with Gold; a strong, black man; a young Afrikan Couple.
They are Wealthy - Persian Rugs; Gold Everywhere; Silks of Many Colors; Plush and Scarlet Couches. A purple exotic bed. 

The Afrikan Gods and Goddesses, have fallowed them Home.

Start and Afrikan VooDoo Store, In the City or Town of your Choosing - Wife, a RootWorker; Money Candles, Spells, Love Alters! The Husband, a Doctor and Witch; Both Afrikan Witches! Their Children will carry Ancient Afrikan Magick in their Life Blood - Eleven Witch Children, Taught in the Orishas Tradition, and Regular Rural Afrikan Majick - VooDoo is a Healing Religion. They DO NOT use Electricity - only Fire, Candles, and Fireplaces! An Afrikan Cauldron! Let the Deep Afrikan Magick, Begin!

Goal 0: Create an Afrikan Ancestor Alter, 

Goal 1: Furnish Large Condo in Wealth - Egyptian Finery; Huge Afrikan Crystals; Afrikan Clothes; Afrikan Gods and Goddesses; Each having a Shrine or Temple inside the Condo, 

Goal 2: Manage and bring Food to the Ancestor/Yoruba Gods and Goddess Alter Every Meal with things they Loved!

Goal 3: Rich in Spirits! The Spirits are Appeased: A Strong Lion Ghost; Two Zebra Ghosts; A Gorilla Ghost, a bit Childish; Child Ghosts who play at night; A Cheetah Ghost, and Three Giraffe Ghosts. 

Goal 4: Create and send Eleven Children To School From Birth 11/11, grown and raised, and moving into their own Families. 

Goal Five, Husband and Wife go to University; and so do all their Children when they are Young Adults. 

Goal Six, Raise Eleven Afrikan Witches; Perhaps, They Go Back to Afrika! 

LTW For Both: Raise A Big Family,

Afrikan CC is Always Allowed for the Challenge!
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