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Default Austin Powers! Yeah baby!
Sir Austin Danger Powers, KBE is a fictional character from the Austin Powers series of films, and is created and portrayed by Mike Myers. I started to create him today and I am not sure that I can ever finish him. I was wondered that it is really hard to find him without his featured smile. So I decided to create him from his character's owner's face, Mike Myers. All I found is his photo from nowadays, when... well... he is kinda ooold. I made some effort to make a comparison the same way I usually do, with drawing red lines of his head parts.
I need your feedback, also suggestions about his "historical" outfit, hair and his featured teeth.
Regards Vic ^_^

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Could you post pictures of you sim in live mode, up close on the face, and then provide the reference picture side-by-side, not overlayed? Also a reference picture from the side or at least 3-quarter (sometimes difficult to find one fully from the side). Since you are doing Austin Powers and not specifically Mike Myers, some neutral reference pictures of the character would be helpful, since he portrayed that character when he was quite a bit younger.

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would definitely recommend looking for in-character pics specifically. If you're going to make the most shagadelic Austin Powers sim possible you need the man at his prime. It might also help to overdo some of the features? Not much you can do with the teeth, CC excluded. But a bowl cut, sideburns and slightly geeky glasses should all be in the game.

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