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  • Help: Cheat console/cheat box won't appear
RightArrow.gif See: Game Help:Cheat Box Won't Appear


Open the Command Console

First, bring up the command console by holding down the CTRL, SHIFT, and C keys on your keyboard at the same time.
This will open a box up at the top of your screen. This box is generally called thecheat box, command or cheat console. Type the cheat/trait text in the box and hit ENTER.
If you don't get the command box when you do CTRL, SHIFT, C, then see: Game Help:Cheat Box Won't Appear

TestingCheats True

To get these cheats to work, from within your game...

  • Open the cheat console [Ctrl] + [Shift] + [C]
  • Type: testingCheats true
  • Then enter the whichever cheat you want to run from the list below.
  • [Shift] + [CTRL] + [C] Will toggle the command window closed when you are finished entering the cheats.

Lot Traits

Lot traits are selected when building a house. Click the Lot Type field and you'll find the lot trait options. Lot traits have an effect on the sims living and visiting there.

RightArrow.gif Chef's Kitchen

Food prepared in this kitchen seems to taste better and comes out better.

RightArrow.gif Quake Zone

Occasionally there's a minor tremor here. Nothing much to worry about.....

RightArrow.gif Good Schools

The local school is great. Kids seem to get high grades and do better at homework.

RightArrow.gif Mean Vibe

The Mean Vibe makes it easier to get other Sims angry with Mean or Mischief interactions.

RightArrow.gif Home Studio

The artsy vibe makes this a great place to be creative. Painting, Writing and Woodworking usually comes out better quality.

RightArrow.gif Sunny aspect

The beautiful scenery really makes this place uplifting. When the sun goes down, Sims may get Energized, Happy or Inspired.

RightArrow.gif Cursed

City Living

Lots of things seem to go wrong in this apartment.

RightArrow.gif Registered Vampire Lair

This lot registers as a vampire lair. The League will send various gifts from time to time through the mail. Even immortals use the public mail service. Only available on home residences.

RightArrow.gif Grody

Sims have the chance to get nauseous when eating, drinking or using the bathroom.

RightArrow.gif On a Dark Ley Line

The dark energy here has an impact on all nocturnal activities. You can expect babies conceived here to require extra care while teething.

RightArrow.gif Gremlins

Stuff breaks here a lot. It's like there are tiny goblins who come out at night and smash things... but that is ridiculous, right?

RightArrow.gif Penny Pixies

Sims often find loose change around the place. It's like there's a secret money fairy or something.

RightArrow.gif Party Place

Parties just seem to go well at this place! Meeting Social Event goals becomes much easier.

RightArrow.gif Vampire Nexus


A dark void envelopes this lot in the upside down. Vampires are more likely to visit the area.

RightArrow.gif Filthy

From clogged sewers to grimy counters, this place seems to get dirty really quickly.

RightArrow.gif Haunted

Locals say this place is haunted. Pah! What do they know!

RightArrow.gif Romantic Aura

Romantic Aura makes it easier to get other people in the mood for LURVE!

RightArrow.gif Great Soil

Gardening just seems to go really well here.

RightArrow.gif Child's Play

Kids just seem to learn faster.

RightArrow.gif Homey

The Homey vibe helps Sims quickly master the domestic arts of Cooking, Mixology, Handiness and Gardening.

RightArrow.gif Fast Internet

A great online connection helps out those looking to improve their Programming, Video Gaming or Writing skills.

RightArrow.gif Great Acoustics

The acoustics are perfect here! A great place for any musician to hone their skills.

RightArrow.gif On Ley Line

Full of funky, fertile earth energy, twins are born here more often than not.

RightArrow.gif Science Lair

The secluded vibe means there's little to distract great minds from the study of Logic or Rocket Science.

RightArrow.gif Convivial

The spacious but intimate feel makes it easier to practice, Charisma, Comedy and Mischief to your heart's content.

RightArrow.gif Natural Light

The light quality here makes Painting and Photography much easier to master.

RightArrow.gif Gnomes

Broken things just seem to get mended overnight. It's as if kindly Gnomes watch over the place.

RightArrow.gif Bracing Breezes

Oodles of fresh air make for a bracing environment to exercise

RightArrow.gif Private Dwelling

A home lot with this trait deters all but the most determined visitors, (It has little effect on commercial venues).

Sim Traits

RightArrow.gif traits.equip_trait Alluring

Base game

Alluring sims are more successful at romance.

RightArrow.gif traits.equip_trait AlwaysWelcome

Base game

Your sim can go to anyone's house, sleep over, scarf up all the food and no one complains.

RightArrow.gif traits.equip_trait AnglersTranquility

Base game

The Zen of fishing

RightArrow.gif traits.equip_trait Antiseptic

Base game

Your OCD Sims can always be clean, longer

RightArrow.gif traits.equip_trait Appraiser

Base game

Appraisers can sell all their collected goodies to the Simsonian Museum for extra money.

RightArrow.gif traits.equip_trait Bane

Base game

Tormentors can sabotage almost everything.

RightArrow.gif traits.equip_trait Beguiling

Base game

Come hither

RightArrow.gif traits.equip_trait Business_Savvy

Get to Work

Earn more from Careers

RightArrow.gif traits.equip_trait Carefree

Base game

Be happy and skip through life

RightArrow.gif traits.equip_trait ChopstickSavvy

City Living

Master the art of eating with Chopsticks.

RightArrow.gif traits.equip_trait Chronicler

Base game

Professorial Sims can write helpful manuals about any skill they're well versed in.

RightArrow.gif traits.equip_trait Collector

Base game

Find rare collectibles more often all over the world

RightArrow.gif traits.equip_trait Connections

Base game

Have that convenient 'connection' that gets you the in on that next job And, you can start at a higher level than mere plebians.

RightArrow.gif traits.equip_trait CreativelyGifted

Base game

Build creative skills, sculpt wood, make pottery, etc. faster.

RightArrow.gif traits.equip_trait CreativeVisionary

Base game

Turn your internal visions into that fantabulous masterwork painting or the next Pulitzer Prize.

RightArrow.gif traits.equip_trait Dastardly

Base game

Be your own 'Simon Bar Sinister' (look it up) and rule the world.

RightArrow.gif traits.equip_trait EpicPoet

Base game

Poetic Sims can capture life itself in a book, and wield it to bring back someone they've lost.

RightArrow.gif traits.equip_trait EternalBond

Base game

Connected shoulder to hip through thick and thin

RightArrow.gif traits.equip_trait Entrepreneurial

Base game

Promotions more likely.

RightArrow.gif traits.equip_trait EssenceOfFlavor

Dine Out

Make higher quality food or drink

RightArrow.gif traits.equip_trait Expressionistic

Base game

This trait gives your sim the ability to create moods of art regardless of their actual mood!

RightArrow.gif traits.equip_trait FamilySim

Base game

Your family needs you and you need them. All in it for the long run.

RightArrow.gif traits.equip_trait Fertile

Base game

Oops! Twins or triplets! Can your sims afford them? (You know you did that to them, you machiavellian martinet.)

RightArrow.gif traits.equip_trait FreeServices

Base game

All one time service requests are FREE baby!

RightArrow.gif traits.equip_trait FreshChef

Dine Out

Culinary masterpieces that never spoil!

RightArrow.gif traits.equip_trait Frugal

Base game

Reduced household bills

RightArrow.gif traits.equip_trait GreatKisser

Base game

Ohh la la! Pucker up! Smooches and charisma increases every kiss!

RightArrow.gif traits.equip_trait Gregarious

Base game

Make friends faster

RightArrow.gif traits.equip_trait GymRat

Base game

Never be a stinkie-poo at gym again!

RightArrow.gif traits.equip_trait HardlyHungry

Base game

Sims don't need to eat much.

RightArrow.gif traits.equip_trait High_Metabolism

Base game

Burn off that cookie faster.

RightArrow.gif traits.equip_trait Hilarious

Base game

Laugh and joke your way to the top! Jokes never fail.

RightArrow.gif traits.equip_trait HomeTurf

City Living

Sims are happier in their home neighborhood

RightArrow.gif traits.equip_trait Independent

Base game

Social needs decay slower

RightArrow.gif traits.equip_trait InTheKnow

City Living

Hagglers get massive discounts on market stall purchases

RightArrow.gif traits.equip_trait Invested

Base game

Money 'magically' appears in your bank account each week. (Don't ask questions. What you don't know you can't answer in court.)

RightArrow.gif traits.equip_trait LivingVicariously

Base game

Gain the skills your kids earn!

RightArrow.gif traits.equip_trait Longevity

Base game

Live LOOOoOOoOoOoooOOooOoOoooOOOoooOOOoong life!

RightArrow.gif traits.equip_trait Marketable

Sell your homemade junk, um, art pieces for more Simoleons!

RightArrow.gif traits.equip_trait Mastermind

Base game

Say anything to make their opponents lives miserable.

RightArrow.gif traits.equip_trait Memorable

Base game

Relationships decay slower.

RightArrow.gif traits.equip_trait MentallyGifted

Base game

Build adult mental skills faster

RightArrow.gif traits.equip_trait Mentor

Base game

Reach level 10 to obtain the Mentor interaction - useful for your know-it-all sims to help other sims improve their skills quicker.

RightArrow.gif traits.equip_trait MorningPerson

Base game

Build more skills in the morning. (Not helpful for vampires)

RightArrow.gif traits.equip_trait Muser

Base game

Get skill boosts when inspired.

RightArrow.gif traits.equip_trait NeverWeary

Base game

Sleep less

RightArrow.gif traits.equip_trait NightOwl

Base game

Build skills at night

RightArrow.gif traits.equip_trait Observant

Base game

Observant sims learn the traits of others just by meeting them.

RightArrow.gif traits.equip_trait OneWithNature

Base game

Naturalists don't need to fear fire. It won't touch them and they can extinguish fires easily.

RightArrow.gif traits.equip_trait PerfectHost

Base game

Earn a boost for every social occasion

RightArrow.gif traits.equip_trait PhysicallyGifted

Base game

Build adult physical skills faster.

RightArrow.gif traits.equip_trait Piper

Base game

Pipers have a large collection of songs that have significant power over others.

RightArrow.gif traits.equip_trait Player

Base game

Player trait allows sims to play the field and never cause jealousy.

RightArrow.gif traits.equip_trait PotionMaster

Base game

Mix up masterful potions to sway drinker's emotions

RightArrow.gif traits.equip_trait ProfessionalSlacker

Base game

Don't do your job, laze around and never get fired.

RightArrow.gif traits.equip_trait Quick_Learner

Base game

Quick learners build all skills a little faster.

RightArrow.gif Traits.equip_trait RegainedHumanity


Vampires with regained humanity seem kinder and safer. Sims are more likely give permission to drink.

RightArrow.gif traits.equip_trait Savant

Base game

Savants gain skills much faster that others.

RightArrow.gif traits.equip_trait Shameless

Base game

Never be embarrassed no matter what antics you get caught out on.

RightArrow.gif traits.equip_trait Sickness

Get to Work

Lower incidence of sickness and heal faster

RightArrow.gif traits.equip_trait Sincere

Base game

Better success with compliments and apologies.

RightArrow.gif traits.equip_trait SociallyGifted

Base game

Build adult social skills faster.

RightArrow.gif traits.equip_trait SpeedCleaner

Base game

Tidy up faster.

RightArrow.gif traits.equip_trait SpeedReader

Base game

Read books faster than average.

RightArrow.gif traits.equip_trait SpiceHound

City Living

Spice Hounds can eat the HOTTEST/SPICIEST foods and feel happy for hours afterwards.

RightArrow.gif traits.equip_trait SteelBladder

Base game

Rarely needs the commode.

RightArrow.gif traits.equip_trait SuperGreenThumb

Base game

Best gardener ever!

RightArrow.gif traits.equip_trait TheKnack

Base game

Fix and upgrade objects instantly

RightArrow.gif Traits.equip_trait TheMaster


Grants supernatural control. Command powers used on Vampire offspring always succeed.

RightArrow.gif traits.equip_trait trait_hidden_career_critic_thrifty

City Living

Critically connected sims receive 20% rebate on all art purchased in build mode every week. Rebates applied directly to household funds.

RightArrow.gif Traits.equip_trait TrueMaster


Excel at mind control and have greater stores of Vampire energy.

RightArrow.gif traits.equip_trait ValuedCustomer

Base game

10% rebate on all build mode purchases. Applied directly to household funds.

RightArrow.gif traits.equip_trait Webmaster

Base game

Unlock useful ways to use computers and get the most out of them.

Credit and Thanks

Thanks to TwistedMexi for making this cheat compilation and to for posting them.

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