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TONE : 0x0354796A

Full file format provided by SimGuruModSquad on the EA official forums
Uint32 Version         //(0x00000006)
Uint64 Instance        //Instance of Types 0xB6C8B6A0 and 0x3453CF95 - color textures - uncompressed DDS used in CAS, RLE2 used in game
Uint32 OverlayCount 
--For Each OverlayCount:
  Uint32 AgeGender     // Age/Gender flags
  Uint64 OverlayInstance //(Instance of texture Types 0xB6C8B6A0 and 0x3453CF95 - only RLE2 appears to be used)
Uint16 Saturation      // Saturation of overlaid color
Uint16 Hue             // Hue of overlaid color
Uint32 Opacity         // Opacity of overlaid color
Uint32 TagCount  
--For Each TagCount:
  Uint16 CategoryTag   // same as CASP category tags
  Uint16 CategoryTagValue  // same as CASP
Float MakeupOpacity    // opacity used with makeup
Byte ColorCount        // always 1
--For Each ColorCount:
  Uint32 Color         //(Swatch Color Code as ARGB)
Float SortOrder        //Order of swatches in CAS, low to high
Float MakeupOpacity2   // opacity used with a few makeups