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Initial notes on DXT5RLE2 files. Very preliminary

This will also apply to the DXT5RLES files with some differences

DWORD    RLE2      format type
WORD     0400      Pixel Format?
WORD     0800      ???
DWORD              MIPMAP Count (usually 0x000c (12))

MIPMAP Index (repeated MIPMAP Count times)
; Each index is an offset from beginning of file to this entry's data
DWORD              Index A      RLE??  Compressed stream
DWORD              Index B      Fixed Size Stream 
DWORD              Index C      Fixed Size Stream
DWORD              Index D      Fixed Size Stream
DWORD              Index E      Fixed Size Stream

It looks like the A stream is some form of compressed data, but the B, C, D and E Streams contain actual image data.

I suspect that the B to E streams are simply DXT compression, probably DXT5 considering the magic word at the top of the file.