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Model Footprint - FTPT
Game Version:The Sims 4



This is an RCOL chunk.

Complete format provided by SimGuruModSquad on the EA official forums


DWORD Tag                      // 'FTPT'
DWORD Version                  // 0x000C / 12
TGI   TemplateKey:             // Key of template used, in ITG (LONG Instance, DWORD type, DWORD group) format
   LONG Instance
   DWORD Type
   DWORD Group

--- if TemplateKey Type not 0:        // if TemplateKey type is not zero, data from the template is used
   BYTE minHeightOverrideCount        // the minimum and maximum heights here will override the template
   PolygonHeightOverride minHeightOverrides[minHeightOverrideCount]  // see PolygonHeightOverride structure below
   BYTE maxHeightOverrideCount
   PolygonHeightOverride maxHeightOverrides[maxHeightOverrideCount]  // see PolygonHeightOverride structure below

--- if TemplateKey Type is 0:
   BYTE FootprintAreaCount
   Area FootprintAreas[FootprintAreaCount] // see Area structure below
   BYTE SlotAreaCount
   Area SlotAreas[SlotAreaCount]           // see Area structure below
   FLOAT MaximumHeight
   FLOAT MinimumHeight

PolygonHeightOverride structure

DWORD NameHash
FLOAT Height

Area structure

DWORD NameHash
BYTE  Priority
DWORD AreaTypeFlags  // FootprintPolyFlags - see below
BYTE  PointsCount
-- PointsCount times:  // list of polygon points
DWORD IntersectionObjectType // IntersectionFlags - see below - type of object
DWORD AllowIntersectionTypes // IntersectionFlags - objects for which intersection is ignored
DWORD SurfaceTypeFlags       // SurfaceTypeFlags - see below
DWORD SurfaceAttributeFlags  // SurfaceAttributeFlags - see below
BYTE  LevelOffset            // Deprecated
-- Bounding Box 3D:
FLOAT min_x
FLOAT min_z
FLOAT max_x
FLOAT max_z
FLOAT min_y
FLOAT max_y


Flag Description
0x00000001 ForPlacement
0x00000002 ForPathing
0x00000004 IsEnabled
0x00000008 Discouraged
0x00000010 LandingStrip
0x00000020 NoRaycast
0x00000040 PlacementSlotted
0x00000080 Encouraged
0x00000100 TerrainCutout
Flag Description
0x00000000 None
0x00000002 Walls
0x00000004 Objects
0x00000008 Sims
0x00000010 Roofs
0x00000020 Fences
0x00000040 ModularStairs
0x00000080 ObjectsOfSameType
0x00000100 Columns
0x00000200 ReservedSpace
0x00000400 Foundations
0x00000800 FenestrationNode
0x00001000 Trim
Flag Description
0x00000001 Terrain
0x00000002 Floor
0x00000004 Pool
0x00000008 Pond
0x00000010 FencePost
0x00000020 AnySurface
0x00000040 Air
0x00000080 Roof
Flag Description
0x00000001 Inside
0x00000002 Outside
0x00000004 Slope

Modding Reference by Category

Sims 4: DBPF | File Types | RCOL(Scene) | Catalog Resource | String Table | Key Table | TS4 Programmer's Reference