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The ScriptCore DLL primarily serves as the interface between the managed C# code and the game engine. On the game engine side, this linkage is handled by Sims3Common.dll. While one could call the static P/Invoke functions to the game engine directly in a custom script assembly, it would be best practice to go call the associated functions in SimIFace instead to maintain the separation that exists between ScriptCore.dll and the rest of the managed Scripting Core.

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If you're looking for documentation that makes the scriptCore functions actually function, please refer to SimIFace Instead.

  • ScriptCore - Contains all the functions that can be found inside Sims3Common and imports them as a usable C# functions. This merely contains a bridge from a C++ dll to be able to be called in a C# script.
  • ScriptCore.Utility - Contains only one class called 'ChunkedList', a List class that probably is more of a helper class to look through the Resources found in a package and figuring the bytes of it to make it readable? (More clarification here would be lovely! - Lyralei)