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There are a few things you must do in order to make an object compatible with the Base Game. Starting with a Base Game object may well make it easier but isn't necessary.

To the best of my knowledge this is complete, but hopefully others will update it if not

  • In the OBDJ Resource, RAW Data section, OBJd File ensure that the field "version_1 - Read Only" (0x0000) is set to 0x008b.
  • In the OBDJ Resource, RAW Data section, Catalog Sorting ensure that the "Valid EP Flags 1" (0x0040) is set to 0x0000.
  • In the TTAB resource ensure that the Format is a low enough number. 0x0000004F is safe, but are any other higher values also OK?
  • In BHAVs ensure that the Node Version of every instruction is 0x00 and that the Format is 0x8007. You will see formats of 0x8005 but I'm told going back that far is not necessary.
  • Avoid using instructions that do not exist in the Base Game. See table below.
Introduced in Expansion Pack Instruction
University UNI-ep1.gif Set to Next (0x001F) -> influence
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