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Blender is a 3d program.



Blender 3d Interface

Blender is one of the few free 3d editors. While the program is very extensive and supports 3d rendering, animation and interactive 3d applications, it's main use for the Sims 2 is in creating static meshes, although there is now a smd import/export that can support boned meshes.

Blender is in constant development, with new options added with each version. As of January 2007, the program supports multiple groups, a uv-mapping tool, textures, etc. The interface is completely customisable and quite daunting for beginners. Because of the large amount of keyboard shortcuts, however, it is a very fast program to work with, once you get used to it.

Several modders in the community use Blender and offer support and tutorials for it, in addition to a large amount of helpforums and tutorials on the official Blender site, making the learning curve a little less steep.

Filetypes supported

  • .obj
  • .3ds
  • .smd (with plugin here)
  • several others

Use in Sims 2 Modding

See also: Comparison of 3d modeling programs used in the Sims 2

Blender's main use is for objects, both static and animated, since the program initially didn't support the smd files needed for bodyshop meshes. Bobcatben has created an smd import/export for Blender here

Traditionally - in order to make animated objects, you'll need to import the mesh groups in the Mesh Tool to assign the bones, and you can find tutorials for that method on site.

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