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Short name: SREL
Long name: Sim relations

This resource holds sim relationship values.


Version (02)
Number of following dwords (some high values such as 0C are self relationships of some kind)
Daily relationship score
Relationship state bits
  • 001 - Crush
  • 002 - Love
  • 004 - Engaged
  • 008 - Married
  • 016 - Friend
  • 032 - Best Friend
  • 064 - Going Steady
  • 128 - Enemy
Relationship type
  • 064 - Family
  • 128 - Known
Good/Bad relationship (0x0000 = positive score, 0xFFFF = negative score)
Lifetime relationship score
Family relation
Only if Relationship Type 0x40 bit is set
  • 01 - Parent
  • 02 - Child
  • 03 - Sibling
  • 04 - Grandparent
  • 05 - Grandchild
  • 06 - Uncle/Aunt
  • 07 - Niece/Nephew
  • 08 - Cousin
  • 09 - Spouse
24 bytes
Attraction The average of SREL(A,B) and SREL(B,A) gives the chemistry
  • Under -50 = Bad chemistry (red crossed bolt)
  • from -50 to 0 = no chemistry (no bolt)
  • from 0 to 34 = little chemistry (1 bolt)
  • from 35 to 90 = medium chemistry (2 bolts)
  • over 90 = strong chemistry (3 bolts)
Best friends forever (used by SimPE plugin)


To assign these values to sims you need to look at the instance ID of the file, the first 2 bytes of the instance reference the Sim who has that feelings, the other two bytes are the Sim s/he has the feelings for.

Additional notes

The format above appears to be incorrect. In my investigations of 1188 SREL records, the record appears to contain a Version and a Count in the first two DWORDs of the record, followed by Count additional DWORDs, with no additional 32 bytes of unknown data following, though I have encountered *one* presumably corrupt record that has one more DWORD of data than the Count claims. I have yet to confirm or refute the meanings of those DWORDs, and therefore have no reason to believe that the interpretation above is incorrect. --GeneralOperationsDirector

After loading the file containing that *one* record into SimPE, displaying that particular record, and clicking first on Commit and then on Save, that one record now also conforms to the format that I describe above. --GeneralOperationsDirector

The best friend forever is a boolean set to 1 if sims are best friends forever

The attraction may not be computed in several cases. If at least one of the two sim is dead, or it's age is younger than teen. It will not be computed if sims have family ties other than husband/wife, if their sexual preferences are not compatibles. For teen sims, attraction seems to be computed only if both sims are teens, have compatible sexual preferences and are not family tied.

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