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Pages listed in this category should not be deleted until at least 1 week after nomination
or longer if there is ongoing discussion. Please check the page's history and talk page (along with 'what links here') before deletion.

Please do not delete this category!
This is a maintenance category which sometimes contains pages that are in need of attention. If the category is empty then this is a good thing, despite appearing on Special:Unusedcategories.

This category holds articles that have been nominated for deletion.

Uncontentious deletions, e.g. obvious vandalism, should be tagged with the Template:Tl tag instead of the Template:Tl tag, which will place them in Category:Candidates for speedy deletion.

As yet there is no formal policy on deletions, so this category is mainly used for non-admin users to let administrators know about pages they believe should be deleted. Please discuss any nominations on the talk page for the page being nominated.

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