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Clean Installer

Clean Installer, or Sims2pack Clean Installer, is a program for The Sims 2. Its primary functions are:

  • To install Sims2pack files containing content to the game, allowing the user to choose which content to install.
  • To clean Sims2pack files of unwanted content, useful to creators uploading sims2packs with items they do not wish to include.
  • To provide information on the contents of the Downloads folder including showing an image of the texture the item uses, if present. This can be helpful in organizing custom content.

Official Site

The link to the Clean Installer site is:

It may be obtained there.

Support and Updates

The creator of the Clean Installer, phervers, has passed on development of the Clean Installer to Mootilda. Updates and official support can be found at You can also get help at the MTS Clean Installer forum:

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