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E519C933 cResourceNode (CRES file type)
7BITSTR		block name		; cResourceNode
DWORD  		Block ID 		; 0xE519C933
DWORD  		version 		; 7

BYTE  		Typecode 		; 0(Single Chain Sub) or 1(Standard Main) (only display info for one or the other)

IF (Typecode = 1)
  REF		reference: load a cSGResource here
  REF		reference: load a cCompositionTreeNode here
  REF 		reference: load a cObjectGraphNode here

  DWORD 		Chain Count (enumerated entry 1 [Transforms], entry 2 [Viewers]), entry 3+ [Entry Set #])
  LOOP					; repeat "Chain Count" times
	BYTE	Chain Enabled? Y/N
	BYTE	Dependent? Y/N
	DWORD	Location of First Chain Node

  BYTE  		Is a Subnode CRES? y/n (Subnodes are a part of lot resourcenode structures)
  DWORD 	Purpose Type
			0 - Cameras (no other scenegraphs)
			2 - Skeletons
			3 - Full Body Outfit
			4 - Special Head Models
			5 - Accessory (sunglasses)
			6 - Lighting (UIPieMenu_leftrim_piemenu_lght)
			7 - Top Body Outfits
			8 - Bottom Body Outfits
			9 - Face Parts
			10 - Hats & Hair (fireman hat)
			12 - Object (bamboo)

ELSE IF (Typecode = 0) (These are blocks inherited from the main ResourceNode for Lot Objects in a lot ResourceNode)
  REF 		reference: load a cObjectGraphNode here
  BYTE		Enabled y/n
  BYTE		Is A Subnode CRES? y/n
  DWORD 	Link # into Object Block (in the Scenegraph header links, which item this Resnode is for)
  DWORD 	Block Object Count (from the scenegraph header)


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