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The Blarney Stone is a fansite offering 100% free sims 1 and 2 content, as well as some programs. It is jointly owned by Dr Pixel and Tigress.



The Blarney Stone offers clothing for toddlers through adults, accessories, objects, and vehicles. They also offer three themes: prehistoric, fantasy, and pirate. Two programs are offered on the site: Bodyshop Mechanic and Bodyshop Poser.

Sims 1

The Blarney Stone also offers skins, faces, NPCs, and pets in a variety of themes for the sims 1, as well as some programs.


Dr Pixel is male, old enough to drink and too young to retire, and lives in the USA. He has a question-and-answer page where he answers common questions about how he creates for sims 2.

Tigress's about page is down, so no information can currently be found about her.

Terms of Use

You are permitted to: Distribute the mesh with your skins for them, as long as they are available for free to anyone. Please see the readme in each .zip file for information.

You may use the skins on your Sims for upload to the Exchange - but please understand that skins using custom meshes will NOT package properly This is the fault of BodyShop, don't complain here because there is nothing we can do about it.

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