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The Bog Sims Institute is a fansite offering 100% free sims 2 content. They are also well known for their page dispelling Bella Goth rumors.




Bog Sims Institute consists of three creators: Jenette, Regina, and Syera. They create objects for buy and build mode, as well as genetics, apparel, and custom paintings. There are also three themes: Arabian Nights, SG Atlantis, and Valentine's Day. They also host a random sim generator, as well as a random plot generator and a forum.


Bog Sims Institute is home to four tutorials:

Persian Carpet Tutorial Ever wanted to make your own Persian-style carpeting? It's actually very easy.

Modifying Custom Genetics A text guide to modifying custom genetics. Learn how to make custom blue eyes that are recessive! I recommend you save this; browsers aren't much for word-wrapping.

Making Maxis-Style Swatches How to make nice, clean-looking swatches for my custom content.

Taking a Leaf from Square-Enix - Anime/Manga Sims Re-Imagined Exploring the possibilities of making anime and manga sims that don't have teasaucer eyes.

Rumors and other pages

Bogsims is home to a rather complete page dispelling Bella Goth rumors (under misc->Bella Goth). They also dispel rumors about Nightlife and the base game.

They also host a page with a hair mesh wishlist, and a page of tips for the exchange.

Terms of Use

Bog Sims Institute is file-share friendly. You may place files on a floppy disk, CD, or whathaveyou for the purpose of backup or of sharing said downloads with your friends. Other than the stipulations below, do not redistribute the files from this site or create and distribute edits of any kind unless otherwise stated. Please don't upload anything modified from Bog Sims Institute or include anything used in houses uploaded to any paysite, and that includes sites with donation sets, because pay sites are illegal, m'kay? Also, please don't use their creations to make art or graphics of any kind that are hateful, vulgar, or obscene.

Regina's Creations

  1. Please feel free to modify any of the textures Regina has put together for your own purpose. This includes cloning walls and/or floors to build on existing sets, using alpha channels which she has edited, and recoloring the textures Regina has used for clothing, etc. Of course credit is always appreciated, and she'd love to see what you've created so let her know. :-)
  2. Use the creations (walls, floors, object textures) for houses you upload--and this includes the Exchange. Again, Regina would really appreciate credit but she also knows how difficult it can be to remember from where exactly a particular object texture came.
  3. Use the clothing textures on sims uploaded to the Exchange as long as the sim is unique has been created by you. This could make it look like your creation, but once it's in someone's game they'll be able to see who really made it. X)
  4. Place on a floppy disk, CD, or whathaveyou for the purpose of backup or of sharing said downloads with your friends.

Janette's Creations

  1. Walls, floors and object retextures may be included in houses for upload, including the Exchange. A link back to BSI would be greatly appreciated.
  2. Clothing may be uploaded with sims to the Exchange as long as the sim is unique and has been created by you.
  3. You may use her textures for other projects as long as you let her know where your textures can be found (unless of course they're only in your own game) so she can download those too.

Syera's Creations

  1. As long as credit is given (a link back to BogSims would be nice), you don't claim that you made one of the creations, or upload them to a pay site, even if the file is free (pay sites include any site that has any game content that the creators will only release for payment, including "donation" sets) please feel free to: Modify and retexture meshes created as Sims 2 objects (if you do clone from the meshes, please make the new creation different enough to be noticeable).
  2. Host the meshes created as Sims 2 objects on your site (please give a credit link to BogSims).
  3. Upload the creations to the Exchange and include content in houses you put either on the Exchange or other completely free Sims 2 sites.

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