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Dahood is a fansite offering urban sims 2 content.


Dahood offers child and teen clothing with an urban theme, as well as similar themed bedding and room decor. They also offer a line of toddler clothing at their sub-site, Crumb Grabbers. They recently removed all clothing created with pay meshes, inspired by the [ Federation for Free Sims Sites].

Both of these sites automatically upload a trojan to your computer. Be warned. Hopefully someone can contact the site ownder and let them know that a) they've been tagged or b)they've been found out. These sites is no longer available.

Crumb Grabbers

Crumb Grabbers offers urban toddler clothing created by Dahood.

It offers urban clothing for toddlers, as well as nursery equipment, a toddler clothing store theme, and a birthday party theme for toddler parties.

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