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Enchanted Forest is a fansite offering 100% free sims 2 content.


This site is no longer available.

Enchanted Forest offers male and female clothing, ages toddler through elder, as well as various clothing sets, sims, eyes, hair, skin, makeup, accessories, and pets (cats, dogs, and others). They also offer furniture, decor, a wide variety of paintings, and lots, as well as some themed set.

Terms of Use

All material belongs to the creator of that item; please do not copy for use on any other website without written consent from the person who created/written the material.

Do not hot-link to any of the files or images without written permission from the owner of the site. Exceptions and special permissions are listed below:

  • Anyone can hot-link to the banners located at the site.
  • All affiliates may hot-link to all images.
  • Designers hot-link to the images & files on the forums (hosted by Twisted Sims Forums)
  • Regina from Bog Sims Institute may hot-link to Chrissy's meshes that she re-colors.
  • Sites that host new find list may hot-link to all images. (Please contact Chrissy to have your domain permissions set up in admin.)

If you notice a site that is not listed above hot-linking to the Enchanted Forest please contact Chrissy.

By downloading and using the files you agree to use the files only for your personnel use. All files are the property of the creator of that file and are strictly forbidden to hack, clone, change, re-name, publish or sell these files on any other website either individually or in groups without written consent from the person who created the file.

Please contact Chrissy if you notice a site has stolen any of the files, images and/or materials.

Some of the mesh re-colors were created by a designer from a different site, credit will be given to the creator of that mesh with the file. Please visit their site and check their user agreement before making any changes to their files.

Enchanted Forest and/or Jaddon are NOT responsible for any problems, system crashes etc. that may occur when using downloads. All downloads are at your own risk.

Please visit the designer’s page for more info regarding their own user agreement and special permissions.

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