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Pimp my Sims is a free The Sims 2 fansite, where downloads from houses and objects to skins and pets are available for free.



Pimp my features downloads from the following categories

  • Houses
  • New meshes (single objects and full sets)
  • Skins (both for female and male sims of all ages)
  • Genetics
  • Pets
  • Accessories
  • Walls & floors

Creators at Pimp my Sims are

  • Solander
  • Funny
  • Chrissie
  • Schnuddl


  • Started 1 March 2006
  • Successor of Solander's Welt and Einfach Simlisch
  • Relaunch in May 2007


Pimp my is owned by Solander

Terms of Use

All downloads available at Pimp my are free to download.

Meshes may be shared along with your own recolors and in houses.

Genetics, skins etc. may be shared along with your sims.

Pimp my Sims does not allow filesharing or downloads of their creations on third party sites; if you do, only offer the same download as is available at Pimp my Sims or include in in a pack with several other objects/skins etc. Link to the single view page of a download, if the object/skin etc. is required for a special reason.

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