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Simcastic Designs is a fansite offering 100% free sims 2 content.


This site is no longer available. Simcastic designs offers sims, lots, walls, floors, ground covers, objects, and hoods. They also offer theme sets, tutorials, and challenges.

Terms of Use

All of the downloads created by Simcastic Designs may be uploaded to, with credit, except for all lots and meshes. The creations may NOT be uploaded to any other website without permission. If you are interested in using our creations on your own website, contact the owner, who will be happy to discuss the possibility with you. If you see one of the creations on another site, please feel free to contact the owner.

Meshes and their recolors are property of Simcastic Designs. Meshes from this site cannot be distributed on any other site. If you use the objects in an upload, please link directly back to this site for the mesh. No recoloring of the meshes without prior written permission. If you are interested in recoloring a mesh, please feel free to contact the owner to discuss it.

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