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Sims2Community (or S2C, as it's known) exists to provide a place for "simmers" to get together and share ideas, submit stories, compete in contests, chat about the The Sims 2 game (or anything else), and have fun together.



A screenshot of the S2C front page as at 14th January 2007.

With over 16,000 members, the site is one of the largest Sims 2 fansites. It remains entirely free, although it does require users to sign up prior to posting. S2C is supported through banner ads and the generosity of members who choose to monetarily support the Sims 2 modding community.

The main Sims2Community front page contains news and updates for the whole community. There are also "Finds", which are cool things that people have made for the game.

There are active forums on the site, divided in different sections. These include:

  • Welcome to the Sims 2 Community includes Introductions, Site News, Site Rules and Guidelines and Site Issues. This is a good place to start when new to the site.
  • Sims 2 Discussion contains Sims 2 Chat, Sim Pictures, Sim Stories and Sim Movies.
  • Community Contests is where you will find Official Contests and Member Contests. The Official Contests are posted by Sims 2 Community staff members only. Member Contests are open to members and moderated.
  • General Discussion has Off Topic Discussion, Funny Stuff, The Debate Room (formerly The War Zone,) Computer & Tech Gizmo Discussion, The Greater Gaming World and Anime & Webcomics Discussion.

There are also pictures of various simmers available in the Yearbook.


After a year of steady growth, the original MTS2 split in two in mid 2005. MTS2 continued to specialise in modding, game help and downloads, while the new sister site the Sims 2 Community focused on general chat threads, contests, advertising user sites and showcasing videos.


S2C is owned by Delphy. See the S2C staff listing


  • November 2006 - split the site into News and Forums
  • Opened July 2005
  • Sometime in 2008 the two where merged once again into ModTheSims.

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