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The Three N's is a now defunct Sims website, the staff and members went to make their own websites, which will not be disclosed. Note: If admin/other reads this, please just delete the Wiki page.



The Three N's was a run of the mill Sims fansite with a name that is likely what kept it from actually growing. It featured a forum, private exchange, photo gallery, and more.

The Three N's Homepage as as it was in August 17, 2009.
The Three N's Forum as it was in August 17, 2009.


The Three N's was started by PlyPlay665, and was originally meant to 'Sponsor' Sims Stories, with a area that told the user how they could get their story sponsored and what they had to do in return, and also a list of Stories that the site Sponsored. The site also was equipped with a In-Site Forum, and a Site Blog.

Later, due to low response rate, the site stopped sponsoring stories, and became just a Forum Site. Slowly they added more things for members to do, such as a Video & Photo Gallery, and a Improved Forum.

Sometime during April, 2009, they announced two new sites. One a New Forum and the other a News Site . Not so long after, the News Site (Or other known as the 'itgo' site) was dumped, and one of the many reasons was a problem with the Provider. Even though the itgo site didn't work out, the new forum flourished, and soon replaced the main Forum, and sparked an interest for an Exchange.

On August 18th, 2009 The Three N's announced that their Affiliate Site, Platinum Sims United(PSU), and itself had merged together as one. Meaning that PSU would be closed, and the owner would then take job as Full Admin.

In November 2010, the site was taken out of dormancy which it had been since the previous year in November due to personal issues regarding the life of the owner. Since the staff members had left and made a fansite of their own, TTNs got a new set of staff, and renewed their url to a professional one. Although the website seemed to be doing fine, the website ended up closing January second due to the owner no longer being able to run the site. This time, it was the last time.

The Staff

The Three N's Staff as it was before the dormancy from November 2009-November 2010.

The List:

  • Site Owner: PlyPlay665
  • Administrator: Gothic Dragon
  • Graphics Coordinator: James
  • Moderator: Thomas

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