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Short name: GZPS
Long name: Property Set



This resource is formatted as either XML or CPF. This resource is used for several different things. Following is an overview of some of it's uses.

The "type" field identifies the type. type = "skin" is a skin.


The Skin property sets define attributes for character skins (clothing). Skins can be associated with multiple age groups and can fall into several categories.


This seems to identify the version of Bodyshop that the content was made from. Does not appear until University, and, oddly enough, items created with the Nightlife version of Bodyshop also have version 2. It would seem, however, that these have no bearing on whether or not the item will show up in the game if the expansion is not installed, given the fact that things created with the Pets version of Bodyshop do show up when a person does not have Pets installed and, as a result of some of the missing elements, cause the strange thumbnails and other problems. This may be useful for tool makers, however, to quickly identify items based on what version of the game they were created with.

Version Game
0x00000002 University or Nightlife
0x00000003 Open for Business(One could infer that Family Fun Stuff and Glamour Life Stuff would also have a version number of 3.)
0x00000004 Pets
0x00000005 Seasons
0x00000006 Bon Voyage


Hex Game
0x00000001 Base Game
0x00000002 University
0x00000003 Nightlife
0x00000004 Open for Business
0x00000005 Family Fun Stuff
0x00000006 Glamour Life Stuff
0x00000007 Pets
0x00000008 Seasons
0x00000009 Celebration! Stuff
0x0000000A H&M Fashion Stuff
0x0000000B Bon Voyage
0x0000000C Teen Style Stuff
0x0000000D Store Edition
0x0000000E FreeTime
0x0000000F Kitchen & Bath Interior Design Stuff
0x00000010 IKEA Home Stuff
0x00000011 Apartment Life


Hex Category
0x00000001 Casual1
0x00000002 Casual2
0x00000004 Casual3,
0x00000007 Everyday
0x00000008 Swimwear
0x00000010 Sleepwear
0x00000020 Formal
0x00000040 Underwear
0x00000080 Skintone
0x00000100 Pregnant
0x00000200 Activewear
0x00000400 TryOn
0x00000800 NakedOverlay
0x00001000 Outerwear0
0x0000FF7F All(except naked)


Hex Age
0x00000001 Toddler
0x00000002 Child
0x00000004 Teen
0x00000008 Adult
0x00000010 Elder
0x00000020 Baby
0x00000040 Young Adult


Hex Gender
0x00000001 Female
0x00000002 Male
0x00000003 Both


Hex Species
0x00000001 Human
0x00000002 Dog (Found in GZPS)
0x00000003 Unknown
0x00000004 Unknown
0x00000005 Unknown
0x00000006 Dog (Found in XTOL and XMOL)
0x00000007 Unknown
0x00000008 Cat (Found in XTOL and XMOL)


The name of the resource, part of the [[Tutorials:Understanding_the_Scenegraph | Scenegraph], and is the same name as other resources.


A string, possibly identifying the creator of the mesh based on the registered number of the program.

To remove the cc * from content, replace the random numbers with 00000000-0000-0000-0000-000000000000.


  • "skin"



Hex Color
00000001-0000-0000-0000-000000000000 Black
00000002-0000-0000-0000-000000000000 Brown
00000003-0000-0000-0000-000000000000 Blond
00000004-0000-0000-0000-000000000000 Red
00000005-0000-0000-0000-000000000000 Grey


This field (outfit) is critical for skins, and the Bodyshop of the Pets EP didn't include it. The same data is included under "parts" with content created with the broken version of the body shop from Pets.

Hex Part
0x00000001 Hair
0x00000002 Face
0x00000004 Top
0x00000008 Body
0x00000010 Bottom
0x00000020 Accessory
0x00000040 TailLong
0x00000080 EarsUp
0x00000100 TailShort
0x00000200 EarsDown
0x00000400 BrushTailLong
0x00000800 BrushTailShort
0x000010000 SpitzTail
0x00002000 BrushSpitzTail


Defines whether it is visible or hidden in catalog. The value is in hex, to make it visible change to one number lower.

  • Odd numbers are hidden
  • Even numbers are visible.

Hats require 0x00000002 to be visible


Hex Shoe
0x00000000 None - For clothing packages that are tops only
0x00000001 Barefoot
0x00000002 Heavy Boot
0x00000003 Heels
0x00000004 Normal shoe
0x00000005 Sandal
0x00000007 Armored - Found on the OFB Knight Armor.

This article is imported from the old MTS2 wiki. It's original page, with comments, can be found at http://old_wiki.modthesims2.com/GZPS This article is imported from the old MTS2 wiki. It's original page, with comments, can be found at http://old_wiki.modthesims2.com/GZPS

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