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Age Range:Teen+
Expansion:Sims3 icon.png Base Game

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If It Ain't Broke...Spruce It Up!

As your sim's handiness levels increase, he/she will have more opportunities to tweak the appliances and gadgets around their home. These tweaks, or upgrades, can be applied to almost anything ranging from stoves to trash compactors! Keep in mind that you can break the object you are trying to improve, and if it is an electrical object, you could be shocked. If you are upgrading an electrical object and standing in a puddle, you are guaranteed to get shocked.


Skill Level Upgrade Name Object Upgrade Effect Failure Effect
3 Self-Cleaning Toilets, Bathtubs, Showers, Sinks Cleans itself automatically.
3 Silent Running Dishwasher Silences noisy dishwashers that disturb other Sims. Dishwasher just makes louder noises while running.
3 Custom Doorbell Sound Front Door Change doorbell to a pleasing sound. Electrocution.
3 Improve Speakers Stereo Increase area of effect. Electrocution.
4 Fireproof Stove, Fireplace Make item fireproof so it never catches fire. Stove catches fire and burns up / fireplace causes a fire.
4 Auto water Sprinkler Sprinklers automatically turn on to water plants.
4 (Firefighter Career Level 1) Improve Fire Alarm Firestation Alarm Respond faster to firefighting emergencies.
5 (Firefighter Career Level 1) Upgrade Engine (3 levels) Fire truck Increases speed of fire truck.
5 Improved Pressing Nectar Maker Increases the number of bottles made by 1.
5 Never Loses Dartboards
6 (Firefighter Career Level 5) Upgraded Fire Extinguisher Fire Extinguisher Extinguish fires faster.
6 Unbreakable All breakable objects Make unbreakable.
6 Improve Crushing Trash Compactor Improve capacity. Electrocution.
6 Look-Good Mirrors Styling Station Customers' reaction is positive. Electrocution.
6 Inkinization Tattoo Chair Customers' reaction is positive. Electrocution.
6 Clean Polymer Injection System Washing Machine Fresh Clothing moodlet lasts longer. Electrocution.
6 More Efficient (not labelled in-game) Solar Panel, Windmill (from the eco-pack [1]) Bills are reduced by 3% (Solar Panel) and 6% (Windmill) instead of 2% and 4% respectively.
6 Improved Jets Hot tub Changes 'Bubbles' moodlet effect from +15 to +30. Causes puddle that must be mopped.
7 Auto Light Gas Fireplace Fireplace starts when Sim enters room. Fire breaks out in the fireplace.
7 Improve meal quality Stove Better food. None.
7 Faster Cooking Microwave Reduces cooking time using the microwave.
7 Perfect Teleportation Teleporter Removes the chance of teleport failing.
7 Always Good Fortune Fortune Cookie Machine Removes the chance of a bad fortune being created.
8 Improve Speakers Stereo Increase mood gain of Enjoying Music. Electrocution.
8 Wire House with Speakers Stereo Wire House with Speakers so music plays in all rooms. Electrocution.
8 Improved Graphics Computer Improves graphics to make games more fun for Sims. Electrocution.
9 Change Fire Color Fire Place Allows Sims to change the color of the fireplace.
9 Improved Memory Food Replicator Increases the number of copies of a dish that can be produced.
9 Flavor Enhancement Nectar Maker Increase nectar flavor by 15%.
6-10 Boost Channels Television Unlock extra channels. Higher the skill, the more channels unlocked. Electrocution.

Skill Challenges

Title Description
Electrician Electricians have repaired at least 10 electrical objects. The experience gained means they will never be electrocuted by an electrical object again.
Plumber Plumbers have repaired at least 10 plumbing objects. They are so good at repairs that plumbing objects repaired by them never break again.
Tinkerer Tinkerers have finished at least 10 unique upgrades on household items. Installing the "Unbreakable" upgrade on multiple objects only counts as one unique upgrade. Tinkerers never fail when upgrading objects.

Sims 3 Game Help Categories:

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