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    Technical & Graphics Issues

    ... Information on various technical and graphics related issues.


Graphics Cards Everything you'll ever need to know about graphics cards, and associated problems.
Windowed Mode Run the game in a window, so you can do other things while you play.
Onboard/Integrated Graphics Issues How to play the game using onboard graphics without blurry textures, crashes, and damaged motherboards.
Laptop Gaming Everything you need to know about playing the game on a laptop.
Your Computer is like a Car Playing the Game on a weak computer can have serious consequences.


Improving Sims 4 Performance How to make your game run better.

    Technical Information

How to Backup How and what do I need to backup?
Finding Your License Key How to find the serial key for your game if you've lost the booklet.
Find Your System's Specifications How to find out about all the bits and pieces inside your computer, no screwdrivers required.
TS4 System Requirements What your computer needs to have in order to run The Sims 4.
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