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A Question...

I just made some custom content AND downloaded custom content from the internet and I started having problems when I click on the seating section in BUY MODE. One of the things I made was a dining chair, which would be the first thing that would come up when hitting the seating section. However, some of the things I downloaded were also dining chairs. I haven't tested very much, and I'm not exactly sure which files in my downloads folder were the ones that I just downloaded. Could I have ACCIDENTALLY MADE A HACK in my new objects?

  • It sounds like you likely have a GUID conflict if you're having trouble when you click on that category - if you look at Game Help:GUID Conflicts there's info on tracking that down. If you have any further problems, though, please refer yourself to MTS2's Game Help section as the discussion pages really are more for discussing the articles as it pertains to wiki formatting and as pages (i.e. "you should also link to page blahblahblah here as it's relevant" rather than "I have a problem with my game that relates to this article).  ;) HystericalParoxysm 13:41, 20 April 2007 (CDT)
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