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The info format is basically a storage for all the data in the picture albums. The description of the picture is kept in a text file, but all the rest of the data, including city name, mayor and other data is stored inside this format to save room.

There appear to be two types of info files. City pictures and region pictures which have different structures. Each info file is comprised of sections identified by a 1 byte section header.

A note on the Picture/INFO type section seen below. This was deduced in the following way. No known settings ingame of any sort (night, underground etc) change this. It is the same for all cities in all regions. It is confirmed to be the same on other people's copies of the game. It doesnt change anything with the display. The picture/INFO type is all that's left. It might describe the next section ingame, but since maxis doesnt display the next section ingame anyways, that's unconfirmable, and it would still be picture/INFO type even if it did.


11 BYTES - "SanityCheck" (failed apparently ;-) ) BYTE - 71 (Start Username) X BYTES - User name from your config-log in the simcity4 apps dir BYTE - 71 (Start City name) X BYTES - City name one byte per letter including spaces BYTE - 71 (Start Mayor Name) X BYTES - Mayor Name, One byte per letter BYTE - 71 (Start Date of picture) X BYTES - Date of picture BYTE - 71 (Start Population) X BYTES - Population BYTE - 71 (Start Funds) X BYTES - City Funds BYTE - 71 (Start Picture/Info Type) X BYTES - Picture/INFO type (should be 27) BYTE - 71 (Start picture info) X BYTES - Picture info (Zoom,Rotation,X position,Z position) BYTE - 71 (End File)

Region (Picture file name as data stored)

X BYTES - Region name BYTE - 56 (-) 10 BYTES - Timestamp for Time picture was taken BYTE - 55 (.) 3 BYTES - "PNG"

Character Table

--Numbers 0-9 4b,4a,49,48,4f,4e,4d,4c,43,42

--Characters A-Z (capitals) 3a,39,38,3f,3e,3d,3c,33,32,31,30,37,36,35,34,2b,2a,29,28,2f,2e,2d,2c,23,22,21

--Characters a-z (lowercase) 1a,19,18,1f,1e,1d,1c,13,12,11,10,17,16,15,14,0b,0a,09,08,0f,0e,0d,0c,03,02,01

--Special Chars (table) (space),- ,~ ,. , { ,} ,| ,` ,[ ,_ ,^ ,] ,\ ,@ ,; ,: ,? ,> ,= ,< 5b ,56,05,55,04,06,07,1b,20,24,25,26,27,3b,40,41,44,45,46,47

+ ,' ,) ,( ,/ ,, ,# ," ,! ,* ,& ,% ,$ 50,51,52,53,54,57,58,59,5a,5c,5d,5e,5f

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