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Sectional - Temporal Adjustor


Options available on the temporal adjustor, also available in the left section of the InSIMenator Machine:

  • Grow up... - Age transition your sims forward to the next life stage...this option seems mostly redundant but it has it's uses in some game error scenerios.
  • Grow baby up... (this option will only show if there is a baby on the lot) - age transition a baby to toddler life stage.
  • Select Age... - this option allows you to choose which life stage that you want your sim to be in, forward or backward. (See NOTE: below)
  • Fix Appearance... - Occasionally, when using the Select Age option, a sim will have no face or some other error in appearance. This is because there is a problem with the visual resources associated with the sim. This option pops up a dialog that will fix that problem.
  • Weekday... - Set which day of the week that it is. This is not a permanent change, the weekday reverts back to the weekday that it should be at midnight.
  • Set Hour... - Set the clocks hour to a desired time. AM and PM are defined by the time of day when the option is used.
  • Age Duration... - Add or subtract days to or from a sims current life stage or reset age duration.
  • Aging... - Turn aging on or off without having to use the cheat box.

NOTE: The Independent Teen option, that you will see in the Select Age submenu, is not a true life stage but something of my own devising. It flags your teen sims as adults so that they can interact on an adult level, with adults, while still maintaining some of the restrictions of a teen. They cannot have romantic relationships with true teens, unless you have a mod that supports such an activity installed.

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