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LText or Language Text files are a UNICODE text format used by Simcity 4 to give language specific text simply and quickly for use in any part of the world. UNICODE of course makes this much easier since the vast numbers of characters can't always be written in standard text. LText files cover everything from NEWS to Building and Prop names to tool names in the game. They are queried by Instance ID, so make sure your instance is unique when creating new ones!

Format Specification

WORD - Number of 2 byte characters in the LText WORD - Start of Text - In ascii, 00000010 binary or 0010 is the control character for start of text. WORD (Repeating) - 2 Bytes for each character, simply use the unicode character for the value of these two bytes to see its visible ingame form

In english decoding this is much easier since it will appear as an English character followed by a period in most hex editors. Other languages may be harder, IE Chinese, Korean.

Locations Found At: SimcityLocale.dat, Plugin.dat files released by Maxis Identified By: Will be Seen as an LText / XA file usually by the reader.

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