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Milkshape is a 3d program.



Milkshape 3d interface

An incredibly versatile little low-poly 3d modeling program, Milkshape is great for beginners and is quite user-friendly. It's also widely used in Sims 2 modding so it's well supported by the community. The developer works closely with Sims 2 modders, and updates to the programs increase its functionality for game modding. It includes a built-in uv mapper, supports skeletons and joints, animations, textures, multiple groups, and much more. It is remarkably useful and powerful considering its extremely low price.

Filetypes supported

  • .obj
  • .smd
  • GMDC (with the Unimesh plugin)
  • Many many more

One of Milkshape's main strengths is its ability to import and export all sorts of files.

Use in Sims 2 Modding

See also: Comparison of 3d modeling programs used in the Sims 2

Object Meshing and Body Shop Meshing. Needs the UniMesh plugin to work correctly. Highly recommended! Great no matter which path you choose, well-supported, cheap, and easy to use.

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