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0x1000=Residential 0x1001=Commercial 0x1002=Industrial 0x1003=Transportation 0x1004=Utility 0x1005=Civic 0x1006=Park 0x1009=ScriptingUse 0x100a=Fauna_generate

0x1300=Rail 0x1301=Bus 0x1302=Subway 0x1303=El Train 0x1304=Ferry 0x1305=Passenger Rail 0x1306=Freight Rail 0x1307=Monorail 0x1308=Car Ferry 0x1309=Passeger Ferry 0x130A=MiscTransit 0x130B=TollBooth

0x1400=Power 0x1401=Water 0x1402=Custom Waste Disposal by themadprogrammar 0x1403=Nuclear 0x1404=Recycle 0x1405=Toxic Dump 0x1406=Landfill

0x1500=Police 0x1501=Jail 0x1502=Fire 0x1503=School 0x1504=College 0x1505=Library 0x1506=Museum 0x1507=Health 0x1508=Airport 0x1509=Seaport 0x150A=Landmark 0x150B=Reward 0x150C=Landmark Queue 0x150D=Police Big 0x150E=Police Sm 0x150F=Schools K6 0x1510=Schools HS 0x1511=Courthouse 0x1512=Clinic 0x1513=Hospital 0x1514=Schools Private 0x1515=Deluxe Police Station 0x1516=Police Kiosk 0x1517=Landing Strip 0x1518=Deluxe Fire Station 0x1519=Water Transit 0x151a=Large Health 0x151b=School Other 0x151c=Health Other

0x1700=Cemetery 0x1701=Pet cemetery 0x1702=Zoo

0x1900=VIP 0x1901=Tourist 0x1902=Country Club 0x1903=Taxi Maker 0x1904=Ambulance Maker 0x1905=DMV 0x1906=Stadium 0x1907=Worship 0x1908=Night Club 0x1909=Opera House 0x1910=TV Station 0x1911=TV Magnet 0x1912=Farmland 0x1913=Biz Lawyer Attack 0x1914=Army Base 0x1915=Missile Range 0x1916=Army Tank 0x1917=Ape Escape 0x1919=Dog Magnet 0x1920=YIMBY 0x1921=Convention Crowd 0x1922=Kid Crowd 0x1923=Sim Crowd Day Small 0x1924=Sim Crowd Day Large 0x1925=State Fair 0x1926=Bus Stop 0x1927=Sim Crowd Stand 0x1928=Strikers (NIMBY) 0x1929=Crowd Biz 0x1930=Crowd White Coat 0x1931=Army_Ped 0x1932=Army_JumpingJacks 0x1933=ZombieBuilding 0x1934=MowerBuilding 0x1935=Landmark Ogle 0x1936=Burning Dude Maker 0x1937=Crowd Stand Return 0x1938=Mayor House 0x1939=Area 5.1 Base (Icecream Spawner) 0x1940=Casino 0x1941=Marina 0x1942=Police Car Maker

0x1A00=Strikable Fire 0x1A01=Strikable Police 0x1A02=Strikable Health 0x1A03=Strikable Education 0x1A04=Strikable Transit

0x3000=Industry: Anchor 0x3001=Industry: Mechanical 0x3002=Industry: Out

0x1101=Commercial MiddleClassMall 0x1103=Commercial DriveIn 0x1106=Commercial FleaBagMotel 0x1109=Commercial GreasePit 0x110C=Commercial UsedCarCheap 0x110F=Commercial TacoStand 0x1113=Commercial MaxisSimTheatre 0x1114=Commercial FamilyInn 0x1117=Commercial Sims4thAve

0x11010=R$ 0x11020=R$$ 0x11030=R$$$ 0x13110=CS$ 0x13120=CS$$ 0x13130=CS$$$ 0x13320=CO$$ 0x13330=CO$$$ 0x14100=IR 0x14200=ID 0x14300=IM 0x14400=IHT 0x21000=Commercial Car 0x21001=Commercial Food 0x21002=Commercial Shop 0x21003=Commercial Movie 0x21004=Commerical Hotel 0x31000=Large Commercial

--Building Styles-- 0x2000=Chicago 0x2001=New York 0x2002=Houston 0x2003=Euro

--Demand Types 0x1010=R$ 0x1020=R$$ 0x1030=R$$$ 0x1810=Amenities $ 0x1820=Amenities $$ 0x1830=Amenities $$$ 0x3110=CS$ Commerce 0x3120=CS$$ Commerce 0x3130=CS$$$ Commerce 0x3320=CO$$ Office 0x3330=CO$$$ Office 0x4100=Industry Resource 0x4200=Industry Dirty 0x4300=Industry Manufacturing 0x4400=Industry High-Tech

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