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Here is a table for decoding Data Owners (aka Operands) in BHAVs and their Data Labels (aka Operand Arguments). They are mainly used for the expression primitive but also in other places.


The Data Label references 0x000000?? can be found in objects.package, TGI 0x53545223 0x7FE59FD0 0x000000??. Besides here, the Data Owners are also listed in 0x00000084.

(Hidden Flags 0x0001 is labeled Hide Model(s), but that is not explained here.)


Code Data Owner Data Labels/Notes
0x00 My Attribute Literal Value
0x01 Stack Obj's Attribute Literal Value
0x02 My Semi Attribute Literal Value
0x03 My 0x0000008D
0x04 Stack Object's 0x0000008D
0x05 Stack Objects Semi Attribute Literal Value
0x06 Global (simulation variables) 0x00000081
0x07 Literal Value Literal Value
0x08 Temporary Storage Literal Value
0x09 Parameters Literal Value
0x0A Stack Object ID (Always zero)
0x0B Temporary Storage[temp] Unknown
0x0C Check tree ad range 0x00000086
0x0D Stack obj's Temporary Storage Literal Value
0x0E My motives 0x00000086
0x0F Stack obj's motives 0x00000086
0x10 Stack object's slot Literal Value
0x11 Stack obj's motive[temp] Unknown
0x12 My person data 0x000000C8
0x13 Stack obj's person data 0x000000C8
0x14 My slot Literal
0x15 Stack object's definition 0x000000CC
0x16 Stack obj attr[stack param] Unknown
0x17 Room [temp 0] Unknown
0x18 Neighbor in stack object 0x000000DD
0x19 Local Variable Literal Value
0x1A Constant Value Special
0x1B Unused Unused
0x1C Check tree ad personality var 0x00000086
0x1D check tree ad min 0x00000086
0x1E my person data [temp] Unknown
0x1F Stack obj's person data [temp] Unknown
0x20 Neighbor's person data 0x000000C8
0x21 Job data [temp 0,1] 0x000000F3
0x22 Neighborhood data 0x000000F9
0x23 Stack object's function 0x000000C9
0x24 My type attr Literal
0x25 Stack obj's type attr Literal
0x26 Neighbor's Object Definition 0x000000CC
0x27 Temporary Token Unknown
0x28 Stack Object's Temporary Token Unknown
0x29 My Object Array Iterator Index Literal
0x2A Stack Object's Object Array Iterator Index Literal
0x2B My Object Array Iterator Data Literal
0x2C Stack Object's Object Array Iterator Data Literal
0x2D My Object Array Element At Temp Unknown
0x2E Stack Object's Object Array Element At Temp Unknown
0x2F Constants [temp] Unknown
0x30 My Slot [temp] Unknown
0x31 Stack Objects Slot [temp] Unknown
0x32 Stack obj Semi attr[stack param] Unknown
0x33 Stack Object's Master Definition 0x000000CC

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