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Property Sets

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Known Property Sets:

  • 0B9EB87E - Track Settings - Settings for SFX and Voice audio tracks
  • 0C1FE246 - Mesh Overlay - Meshed objects attached to the body, such as sunglasses, beards
  • 0C560F39 - Object Link - Objects in object collections
  • 0C93E3DE - Face Modifier - Modifiable parts of the face
  • 2C1FD8A1 - Texture Overlay - Face overlays, such as makeup, stubble, lipstick
  • 2CB230B8 - Fences - Fence types, properties, and descriptions
  • 4C158081 - Skin Tone - A skintone, its name, and whether it is choosable or not
  • 4C697E5A - Model Material - Different material overlays for an object
  • 4DCADB7E - Terrain Paint - Lot terrain textures
  • 6C4F359D - Collection - Object collection details, such as their icons
  • 6C93B566 - Face Neutral - Neutral unmodded base faces for an age and gender. Archetypes are based off these
  • 6D619378 - Neighbourhood Object - Objects usable in Neighbourhood view
  • 8C1580B5 - Hair Tone - A hairtone, its name and whether it's selectable or not
  • 8C93BF6C - Face Region - Face areas that have effects, or for which overlays can be applied
  • 8C93E35C - Face Archetype - Base Face models
  • AC598EAC - Current Sim Data - Current state of a sim, such as age, skin, hair, species
  • ACA8EA06 - Roof - Roof texture options, as opposed to the Roof style itself
  • CCA8E925 - Wall/Floor - Wall and floor styles, including descriptions and properties
  • EBCF3E27 - Skin - Applyable skins including skintones, hair, clothing, and hats
  • EBFEE33F - DNA/Sound Mapping - Sim DNA, or maps properties of a sound to an ingame event
  • EBFEE342 - Game Package Version - What version of the exe this package was made with
  • EBFEE345 - Audio Test - Test file for the audio content handling subsystem
  • ED7D7B4D - Want - An individual want or fear used by the games' want simulator and want trees
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