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SC4 PATH automata and sprite paths


  1. .# : Version - 1.0 or 1.1 (formats will be covered following)

(1.0 versions may not contain stopped automata detail) (1.1 versions have stop automata detail and an extra starting property)

  1.  : Transportation paths in the file (sims and transport)
  2.  : (1.1 only) Stop detail sections in file (for stopped automata)

Bool : 3d model terrain variance for this path file? (does path follow parallel to terrain)

(terrain variance means model does not hold to terrain)

(Sections for a moving transportation type - road, sim, subway)

-- Type_class(not present if not set)_EnS_ExS : Transport section internal name

  1.  : Transportation type (1=road,2=sims,3=train,4=subway)
  2.  : Path Class Number (see table)
  3.  : Entry Side (0-3 + 255 for start in tile)
  4.  : Exit Side (0-3 + 255 for end in tile)
  5.  : Number of repeating coordinates for this block
  6. .#,#.#,#.# : repeating z,x,y coordinate

(Sections for Stop Data - version 1.1 only)

-- Stop(UK if UK stop)_Transittype_class(not present if not set)_EnS_ExS

  1.  : Type of Stop (1=normal,2=UK Stop. United Kingdom. IE other side.)
  2.  : Type of Transit (1=road,2=sim,3=train)
  3.  : Path Class Number (see table)
  4.  : Entry Side (0-3 + 255 for begin path in tile)
  5.  : Exit Side (0-3 + 255 for end path in tile)
  6. .#,#.#,#.# : Coordinate for Stop


---Moving Automata Class/Number Table -- -a,b,c - Standard path numbers for lanes on network types. -car_i,o - there are highway cloverleaf ramps to switch between highways. -car_d,e,f - these are on and off ramps -sim_* - these are found in intersections. With the all the different street corners, I could imagine a large number of stops. -train_d,e - these are found when trains have a junction where all four tracks enter and exit from the same side of the tile. -Car(stopped)_* - various car stopping positions for an intersection. -- The different values for this are for various types of movement, IE high to low highway, what side and direction for onramps, what junction movement for trains. Essentially in the end these are just the path number of the tile. However assigning proper classes to them makes things much easier to read.

Version 1.2

Slightly different. Copy to follow (A copied and detailed Sc4Path file)

Here is the new SC4path 1.2 filetype :)


SC4PATHS 1.2 - vers 3 - Blocks in file 0 - Sim/Stop blocks in file 1- terrainvariance (3d key)


1 - Transport type 1 - Path number 2 - Entry side 3 - Exit Side 0 - Junction key (used where there is more than one exit and a junction is present for train udrive it) 4 - Coordinate lines 8,4.093335,15.843066 4.371101,0.485801,15.843198 -2.012599,-5.977500,15.843198 -3.939568,-8,15.843173

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