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Short name: SDSC
Long name: Sim Description



Sim Data

Thanks to Buggi, Quaxi and Kobal for this one.

Offset 004 (0x04) 1 byte - Version (0x20 Sims2, 0x22 Sims2 University, 0x29 Sims2 Nightlife, 0x2A Sims2 Open for Business)
Offset 128 (0x80) 1 byte - Age (01=baby,02=toddler,03=child,10=teen,13=adult,33=elder)
Offset 134 (0x86) Family?
Offset 142 (0x8E) 1 byte - Gender (0=male, 1=female)
Offset 152 (0x98) 1 byte - Zodiac sign
Offset 176 (0xB0) 2 byte - Fatness
Offset 0x160 (0x172 if Version= 0x22) 2 Byte - Instance ID of the File
Offset 0x162 (0x174 if Version= 0x22) 4 Byte - Sim ID

All of the following values are short ints (2 bytes) ranging from 0 to 1000.


Offset 106 (0x6A) and 26 (0x1A) - Sloppy-Neat
Offset 108 (0x6C) and 16 (0x10) - Grouchy-Nice
Offset 110 (0x6E) and 18 (0x12) - Lazy-Active
Offset 112 (0x70) and 24 (0x18) - Shy-Outgoing
Offset 114 (0x72) and 22 (0x16) - Serious-Playful


Offset 30 (0x1E) Cleaning
Offset 32 (0x20) Cooking
Offset 34 (0x22) Charisma
Offset 36 (0x24) Mechanical
Offset 42 (0x2A) Creativity
Offset 46 (0x2E) Body
Offset 48 (0x30) Logic


Offset 260 (0x104) Politics
Offset 262 (0x106) Money
Offset 264 (0x108) Environment
Offset 266 (0x10A) Crime
Offset 268 (0x10C) Entertainment
Offset 270 (0x10E) Culture
Offset 272 (0x110) Food
Offset 274 (0x112) Health
Offset 276 (0x114) Fashion
Offset 278 (0x116) Sports
Offset 280 (0x118) Paranormal
Offset 282 (0x11A) Travel
Offset 284 (0x11C) Work
Offset 286 (0x11E) Weather
Offset 288 (0x120) Animals
Offset 290 (0x122) School
Offset 292 (0x124) Toys
Offset 294 (0x126) Sci-Fi

University EP

Offset 0x014: Effort
Offset 0x0b2: Grade in last Semester
Offset 0x160: GUID of choosen Major (dword)
Offset 0x164: Remaining Time in Semester
Offset 0x168: Semester
Offset 0x16A: On Campus? (0=no, 1=yes)
Offset 0x170: Influence

Nightlife EP

Offset 0x172: Route Start Slot Owner ID
Offset 0x174: Traits 1
Offset 0x176: Traits 2
Offset 0x178: Turnons 1
Offset 0x17a: Turnons 2
Offset 0x17c: Turnoffs 1
Offset 0x17e: Turnoffs 2
Offset 0x180: Species
Offset 0x182: Countdown
Offset 0x184: Perfume Duration
Offset 0x186: Date Timer
Offset 0x188: Date Score
Offset 0x18a: Date Unlock Counter
Offset 0x18c: Love Potion Duration
Offset 0x18e: Aspiration Score Lock

Open for Business EP

Offset 0x192: Lot Instance
Offset 0x194: Salary
Offset 0x196: Flags
Offset 0x198: Assignment

Data Section

Here is the List of all available Options in the SDSC Files:

0x0C: Sitting?
0x0E: Money Amount over Head
0x10: Personality Nice
0x12: Personality Active
0x14: Personality ( Unused - was Generosity)
0x16: Personality Playful
0x18: Personality Outgoing
0x1A: Personality Neat
0x1C: Current Outfit
0x1E: Cleaning Skill
0x20: Cooking Skill
0x22: Charisma Skill
0x24: Mechanical Skill
0x26: xxxi: Exercise ( Hot Date )
0x28: xxxi: Food ( Hot Date )
0x2A: Creativity Skill
0x2C: xxxi: Parties ( Hot Date )
0x2E: Body Skill
0x30: Logic Skill
0x32: Group Talk State Flags
0x34: xxxi: Style ( Hot Date )
0x36: ci: Current Interaction Index
0x38: Gender Pref - Male
0x3A: Gender Pref - Female
0x3C: Job Data
0x3E: Interaction Data Field #1
0x40: ci: Sub Queue Interaction Count
0x42: tick counter
0x44: Interaction Data Field #2
0x46: Motives Static?
0x48: Censorship Flags
0x4A: neighbor id
0x4C: Person Type
0x4E: Priority
0x50: Greet Status
0x52: visitor schedule
0x54: autonomy level
0x56: route slot
0x58: route multi slot index
0x5A: route status
0x5C: route goal
0x5E: Look At Object ID
0x60: Look At Slot ID
0x62: Look At State
0x64: Look At Time Remaining
0x66: cn: Next Queued Interaction Index
0x68: Aspiration
0x6A: Original Neat Personality Type
0x6C: Original Nice Personality
0x6E: Original Active Personality
0x70: Original Outgoing Personality
0x72: Original Playful Personality
0x74: Sim UI Icon Flags
0x76: FindBestAction result Interaction Object ID
0x78: Memory Score
0x7A: route start slot
0x7C: School Grade
0x7E: Job Promotion Level
0x80: Person Age
0x82: Social Menu Obj ID
0x84: skin color
0x86: family number
0x88: route result
0x8A: job performance
0x8C: Is Swimming?
0x8E: Gender(0=male/1=female)
0x90: private
0x92: lingering house number
0x94: Ghost Flags (Routing Behavior)
0x96: PTO
0x98: zodiac
0x9A: non-interruptible
0x9C: cn: Next Queued Interaction Continuation?
0x9E: footprint extension
0xA0: Render Display Flags
0xA2: ci: Sub Queue Master Interaction Object ID
0xA4: ci: Sub Queue Master Interaction Index
0xA6: cn: Next Sub Queue Interaction Index
0xA8: cn: Next Sub Queue Interaction Object ID
0xAA: cn: Next Queued Interaction Object ID
0xAC: ci: Current Interaction Object ID
0xAE: Body Flags
0xB0: Fatness [0-1000]
0xB2: xxxi:Toddler Life Score(unused)
0xB4: xxxi:Child Life Score(unused)
0xB6: xxxi:Teen Life Score(unused)
0xB8: xxxi:Adult Life Score(unused)
0xBA: xxxi:Elder Life Score(unused)
0xBC: Voice Type
0xBE: Job Object GUID
0xC2: Age Days Left
0xC4: Days in Previous Age
0xC6: Decay Hunger per Day
0xC8: Decay Comfort per Day
0xCA: Decay Bladder per Day
0xCC: Decay Energy per Day
0xCE: Decay Hygiene per Day
0xD0: unused( was Social Family Decay)
0xD2: Decay Social per Day
0xD4: Unused
0xD6: Decay Fun per Day
0xD8: ci: Current Running Interaction Index
0xDA: ci: Current Running Object ID
0xDC: Genetics Data 1
0xDE: Genetics Data 2
0xE0: Genetics Data 3
0xE2: School Object GUID
0xE6: ci: Current Interaction GUID
0xE8: Interactions Linked Deleted
0xEA: Romance Skill
0xEC: LocoWeight 0
0xEE: LocoWeight 1
0xF0: LocoPersonalityIndex
0xF2: LocoPersonalityWeight
0xF4: LocoMoodIndex
0xF6: LocoMoodWeight
0xF8: Motives Not Included in Mood
0xFA: Outfit Source GUID
0xFE: Environment Score Override
0x100: Fitness Preference
0x102: Pension
0x104: interest level: Politics
0x106: interest level: Money
0x108: interest level: Environment
0x10A: interest level: Crime
0x10C: interest level: Entertainment
0x10E: interest level: Culture
0x110: interest level: Food
0x112: interest level: Health
0x114: interest level: Fashion
0x116: interest level: Sports
0x118: interest level: Paranormal
0x11A: interest level: Travel
0x11C: interest level: Work
0x11E: interest level: Weather
0x120: interest level: Animals
0x122: interest level: School
0x124: interest level: Toys
0x126: interest level: Sci-Fi
0x128: Unused
0x12A: Unused
0x12C: Unused
0x12E: Unused
0x130: Unused
0x132: Unused
0x134: Unused
0x136: Unused
0x138: Unused
0x13A: Unused
0x13C: Unused
0x13E: Unused
0x140: Unselectable Sim
0x142: NPC Type
0x144: Age Duration
0x146: ci: Sub Queue Interaction Object ID
0x148: Selection Flags
0x14A: Person Flags
0x14C: Aspiration Score
0x14E: Aspiration Reward Points Spent (/10)
0x150: Aspiration Score Raw (/10)
0x152: Mood Booster
0x154: Current Interaction Joinable
0x156: Unlinked?
0x158: Interaction Autonomous
0x15A: Retired Job GUID
0x15E: Retired Job Level


NPC Type Codes

NPC Type NPC Name EP
0x0001 University Bartender EP1
0x0002 Bartender (party) BG
0x0003 Boss BG
0x0004 Burglar / Criminal BG
0x0005 Driver (Taxi/Bus/Limo/Helicopter) BG
0x0006 Streaker EP1
0x0007 Coach EP1
0x0008 Dorm Chef EP1
0x0009 Police Officer BG
0x000A Grocery Delivery Person BG
0x000B Exterminator BG
0x000C Firefighter BG
0x000D Gardener BG
0x000E Barista EP1
0x000F Grim Reaper BG
0x0010 Handyperson / Repairman BG
0x0011 Headmaster BG
0x0012 Gypsy Matchmaker BG
0x0013 Maid BG
0x0014 Mail Carrier BG
0x0015 Nanny BG
0X0016 Newspaper Delivery Person BG
0x0017 Pizza Delivery Person / Garden Club? BG
0x0018 Professor EP1
0x0019 Evil Cow Mascot EP1
0x001A Repo Man BG
0x001B Cheerleader EP1
0x001C Good Llama Mascot EP1
0x001D Social Bunny - Social Failure BG
0x001E Social Worker BG
0x001F Register Clerk / Shop Assistant BG
0x0020 Therapist - Aspiration Failure / Santa Claus BG
0x0021 Chinese Delivery Person EP1
0x0022 Restaurant Host/ess / Podium EP2
0x0023 Restaurant Server / Waiter EP2
0x0024 Restaurant Chef EP2
0x0025 DJ EP2
0x0026 Mrs. CrumpleBottom EP2
0x0027 Grand Vampire EP2
0x0028 Servo EP3
0x0029 Reporter EP3
0x002A Hairdresser / Salon Stylist EP3
0x002B Stray EP4
0x002C Wolf Leader of the Pack EP4
0x002D Skunk EP4
0x002E Animal Control Officer EP4
0x002F Obedience (Pet) Trainer EP4
0x0030 Masseuse EP6
0x0031 Hotel Clerk / Bellhop EP6
0x0032 Villain / Unsavory Charlatan EP6
0x0033 Tour Guide EP6
0x0034 Hermit / Wise Old Man EP6
0x0035 Ninja EP6
0x0036 Bigfoot EP6
0x0037 Hotel Housekeeper EP6
0x0038 Food Stand Chef EP6
0x0039 Fire Dancer EP6
0x003A Witch Doctor / Shaman EP6
0x003B Ghost Pirate Captain EP6
0x003C Food Judge EP7
0x003D Genie EP7
0x003E Fixed DJ unknown
0x003F Fixed Gypsy unknown
0x0040 Neutral Witch EP8
0x0041 Break Dancer EP8
0x0042 Spectral Cat EP8
0x0043 Human Statue EP8
0x0044 Landlord EP8
0x0045 Butler EP8
0x0046 Hot Dog Chef EP8
0x0047 Good Witch EP8
0x0048 Bad Witch EP8
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