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There are lots of fields here that can be used from the Global variables.

Global Attribute Name Details
Hour This is as you would expect. If it is 16:30, Hour has value 16.
Day of Month
Current Family This is the family number of the household on the currently loaded lot.
Game Edition This allows you to tell what version of the game you are running. It’s a bit field, but also has the value 2000 (0x07D0) to show it is the Base Game Only. The flags are:-
01: Not Base only
02: University EP (Flag 01 is also set in this case of course)
03: Night Life EP
04: Open For Business EP
05: Family Fun SP
06: Glamour Life SP
07: Pets EP
08: Seasons EP
09: Celebration! SP
0A: H&M SP
0B: Bon Voyage EP
0C: TSS (SP?)
0D: Store ?
0E: Free Time EP
0F: Kitchen and Bathroom SP
Day of Week Monday = 0 ... Sunday = 6
Speed 0x0010 ui speed >> Slow = 2 ; Fast = 3 ; Ultra Fast = 4
Paused 0x0011 If the game is paused >> 0 = no ; 1 = paused
mode 0x0013 Wich mode it is in >> Live Mode = 0 ; Build = 1 ; Buy = 2 ; Option (save and quit) = 3 ; the window where you can see and order pictures taken with the camera = 4
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