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There are lots of fields here that can be accessed through the My or Stack Object's variable.


graphic (0x0000)

This is a number which represents the model or mesh that the object is currently using / made of. For example, love letters are cards when set upon a table, but envelopes when on the floor – two different meshes. The names of these meshes are taken from Text List (STR#) resource 0x00000085 (see String Resources for all the different Text List usages) and this attribute contains the number which points at the correct string.

Of course, in general you don't see graphic being set-up unless an object has multiple meshes to choose between. This is because the default graphic is used. This is set in the OBJD Resource, RAW Data section, Resource cross-refs

The value of direction

direction (0x0001)

An object's direction is recorded as one of 8 points on a compass, with numeric values assigned to represent each point as per the diagram.

container id (0x0002)

Some objects must be on or in something, for example, the coffee maker must be on a counter. The counter would be represented by the container id.

slot number (0x0003)

allowed height flags (0x0004)

See Modding Infocentre - Changing the object Placement for more details. Using the constant instead of the literal value is a good way to ensure you are picking the correct numbers and also helps to make your code readable when you come back to it later.

Constant Value Name Description
0x0101:0x01 2 low table An object with this flag set, can be placed on these types of surfaces
0x0101:0x02 3 table
0x0101:0x03 4 On Counter
0x0101:0x04 1 ground
0x0101:0x05 5 non standard Placeable on a Sim??
0x0101:0x06 6 in hand
0x0101:0x07 7 sitting
0x0101:0x08 8 end table An object with this flag set, can be placed on this type of surface
0x0101:0x09 9 In Counter
0x0101:0x0A 10 Under Counter
0x0101:0x0B 11 Decorative For example mantles
0x0101:0x0C 12 Driveway

all adjancency flags (0x0005)

Stop Base Interaction (0x0006)

Niceness Score (0x0007)

flags (0x0008)

Hex # Name Description
0x01 can be stepped over
0x02 allow object intersection
0x03 allow object and person interaction
0x04 can walk
0x05 allow person interaction
0x06 in use
0x07 notified by idle for input
0x08 Do NOT Use Maya Model Footprint See Tutorial:Fixing the footprint (or "stop walking through my object!")
0x09 chair facing
0x0A burning
0x0B hide for cutaway When you choose to play with either cut-away walls or walls that are completely hidden, objects with this flag set will be hidden.
0x0C unused - was fireproof
0x0D Remove Floor
0x0E Add floor if required
0x0F Hide Floor
0x10 Lightning strikeable

footprint index (0x0009)

route penalty (0x000A)

object id(0x000B)

The run-time ID that represents this object or Sim.

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