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Short name: TPRP
Long name: Edith SimAntics behavior labels

This is a hugely useful resource (and yet so simple) if you plan on making BHAVs with parameters (Arguments). It allows you to label these parameters so that you don't forget what they are, and these labels show up when you call the BHAV too.

BHAV parameter and local variable labels

To make these labels, click on the Make Labels button in the BHAV editor (if you don't see it, check Special buttons and it will appear). Wait a few moments until it shows a pop-up window to tell you it is done, then switch to this resource view and edit the labels in a very similar editor to the general Strings Editor. The labels you create will show up in the BHAV editor when you call your BHAV.

If you have cloned a BHAV (or imported from another object), if you do the Make Labels action before editing the resource to be in the package (0xFFFFFFFF) you are given the opportunity to keep the existing labels which will likely be exactly what you want.

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