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4E 00 00 00 -- Length of the data block for each tree clump
09 9D 18 34 -- Unknown.  It is possible that it is part of the next set.
94 F0 40 01 -- It would be easier to think of this in reverse -- 01 40 F0 94.  In this arrangement, the last two bytes increment by 5C (or a multiple of 5C) down the list.  Once the last 2 bytes are filled, the next pair (01 40) increments, but not by a consistent amount.  The last byte-pair then starts back to incrementing by a multiple of 5C.  I have to assume that this is the identifier for each line.
03 00 04 00 00 00 00 0D 26 89 75 74 -- This is always the same in every tree clump.
40 40 40 40  --  Seems to be two, two-byte pairs.  I cannot seem to nail down a pattern for this set.  This is a possibility for one of the coordinates, but not likely.
37 04 3E E8 -- GID of the tree clump exemplar
4A 28 34 65 -- TID of the tree clump exemplar
14 82 0C 2A -- Listed twice.  IID of the tree clump exemplar
8B 8A 1E 41 02 EE 8D 43 98 EC 5C 41 -- Unknown.  This seems to be the most likely group to contain the coordinates.
5A 68 25 00 -- Listed twice.  I believe that this set contains the time that the tree clump was planted.  I think that they never varied in my first test because I was planting them with the simulator paused.
00 01 --  Unknown.  This may be part of the set above (date planted).
00 00 00 00 -- Unknown.  This set almost always looks like this.  There are only a very few exceptions.
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