Tutorials:Correct Footstep Noises On Skins!

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Correct Footstep Noises On Skins!

Base Game
AuthorJ. M. Pescado



I have observed for awhile now that people frequently rework meshes, often Maxian meshes, into Something Entirely Different. Often, a footwear is reskinned into an entirely different class of footwear, particularly prevalent in anything derived from the barefoot "underwear" and "swimsuit" meshes for tight clothing, as well as in custom meshes derived from the above.

Level 4 - Advanced

This tutorial is not for beginners. You should already know how to create clothing meshes, alter meshes, alter UV maps, edit recolor files, and use SimPE in general. This should not be your first or third or fifth time using MilkShape and SimPE.

This tutorial is for people who alter the shoe type on a bodyshop mesh.See the tutorial for instructions on how to fix the footstep noise to match the shoe type.


Tutorial:Correct Footstep Noises On Skins!


Originally written by J. M. Pescado

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