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Unimesh plugins Version 4.09 - for Milkshape 1.78 and up,
Developerwes_h at MTS2
Latest Version4.09
Release DateMay 12, 2007
TypeModding Tools
WebsitechUmbaLum sOft

Unimesh 4.09

Unimesh 4.09 is a Sims2 specific plugin for Milkshape 1.78 or newer.

UniMesh plugins for MilkShape (1.78 and UP), V4.08 (15-Feb-2007)



wes-h Quote: "Free Software Notice This set of plugins is meant to be free to use for any Sims2 modders. It is shareware only to the extent that I have elected to share it with anyone that wants to use it, for free. I neither want or need money for writing or maintaining this. That said, it costs money to run this server (MTS2) who so graciously have allowed them to be hosted here. Nothing in this package will ever nag or ask you for money, but if you think they are worth something, you may elect to make a donation to Mod The Sims 2 at: http://www.modthesims2.com/donate.php If you do this, you can mention either UniMesh or wes_h in the comments."

Main Features


The process began in late 2004 when Delphy created an .obj exporter plugin for SimPE with which a mesh could be extracted from the game and loaded into a 3D editor. Among the available editors was MilkShape. A set of basic object plugins, later updated for animated objects, up to V2.16 fulfilled this niche for object meshes. Efforts were put forth to determine the layout of additional mesh components to allow clothing items to be properly edited and animated. In early 2005 a set of plugins called "BodyChop" were released which provided some support for multiple bone assignment and skin weights as well as morphs. It required a lot of manual work for the user, but it was the best we had. In early 2006, the UniMesh package was released which addressed much of the previous issues. It handled up to four bone assignment/skin weigh values per vertex that did not depend on assignments in the morph groups. It fell short on hair animation and bumpmapping support. The early 2007 release of UniMesh 4.07 fixes most of the issues from 2006. Bumpmaps sections can be generated, hair animation works, and the morphing capabilities have been extended well beyound the two that were typically used in Body Meshes, beefing up the capabilities for use on complex object meshes.

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